Anyone else get hit with Shoes, Handbags & Sunglasses restrictions?

This doesn’t affect me in anyway but at least one seller is going to have rough sledding ahead from the sounds.

Amazon continues to tighten the screws.

" Restrictions on Our ACCOUNT for Shoes, Handbags & Sunglasses products."

“This is a significant issue for us, as approximately 70% of our sales volume comes from this category, and we have been selling on Amazon for over nine years. We employ a staff of 20 to support our Amazon business.”


I’ve seen @ least one or two other NSFE discussions mentioning the same since 3Jun`24 or so, but we haven’t received this notification as of yet, despite selling goods in those categories.


Well, in fairness, your Avatar has glasses…


There are a couple other threads I’ve seen too:

I haven’t seen a response of any substance from a mod yet.


Thanks for those links. I just added them to a response I put on the one at the top.

I suspect Amazon is either doing a ‘rolling roadblock’ on the entire segment OR they are selectively picking and choosing what sellers they want to eliminate.

Sadly, since the D-Day landing was just past 80 years ago, that last sentence sounds something akin to certain concentration camps for the affected sellers.

:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: