anyone else getting return shipping charges from months ago?

On the 25th I was charged for all the return shipping between April and current.

I was already charged back then, but of course when you try to look it up the entry is gone. It’s just listed under other charges.

You’re not the only one.

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Telling it may be that none of the various NSFE discussions on this latest Amaglitch to rear an ugly head has yet made it to ‘featured status’ in the Seller Central Dashboard’s Seller Forum Widget.

Unsurprising it is that the same cannot be said of discussions created purely for spamming purposes of this or that Offer-Listing or Third-Party Service…

Bad enough Amazon “lost” $476 on a settlement. There were orders we never got paid for but they were listed in the detailed even though the numbers didn’t add up. The same day we had a Invoice order also go unpaid.

The money just disappeared, Unfortunately it was easier to just write it off than try to get it through their thick skulls as it wasn’t enough for arbitration.