Anyone else have the new Messaging inbox experience?

Strangely, I don’t hate it. I like that you can see case history directly without needing to open a new tab or navigate away. Otherwise it just seems like a new skin.


Something is not right.

So the old system says " No messages require a response."
When I click “try the new experience” it shows 6 OVER SLA like from may 10th?

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Also when I used my message templates the [ASIN] field does not populate - which throws an error.

They just suck at code testing.


I have the “No messages require a response” showing on mine. No idea why you are seeing that.

I made a test template with all the fields - on my next message I’ll see what works.


**Not sure why Seller Memo would be a good thing to send to a customer?
At least for us I usually fill it with deadbeat or scammer :laughing:

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I didn’t even realize there was a New, New messaging system.

When I switched over, it went from no messages required to 1 message Over SLA. This was from an email where the customer emailed twice in a row. Using the old messaging system, we emailed the customer and answered questions to both of their emails, in one email. When we switched it shows that the first email didn’t have a response.

I just marked that as no response needed and I am going to switch back over to the old experience. My stats look better on that one lol

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Same here

Couple of things we noticed.

We didn’t have the issue of the old system vs the new system with “No message require a response”.

If you remember our post on the “Cancel the Order” 9 months later, the old system never updated after denial and still shows

But the new system has updated and shows

So that is a positive.

In addition, the link that says History shows when the customer claims INR or asks for a Cancel Shipment with the resolution documented as resolved right underneath the respective claim.

Did you notice that, if you click the email envelope next to the customer’s name, it shows their Amazon encoded email address in a pop up?

Under the Messaging Settings, there is a Permissions link. Suggest you look at it as that is where you can see all the email addresses that you can reply from in the Amazon email system. We found some old outdated emails within the list that we deleted to clean things up a bit.


Another thing to note …
If you do custom orders and send confirmation emails to the customer and the customer does not reply, those emails will have an “Open” status. Not sure how or if this will effect your email score (it shouldn’t because it is the customer who is not responding but ???).


I didn’t realize either; I haven’t had any new messages since memorial day weekend.

Here is a copy of the banner.

My last message was related to “an Unexpected problem with completing your order.”
The order was MIA, so I fully refunded it, but this shows under the message.


The old system kept all contact with buyer as a thread so you could see all communication with the buyer.

The new system doesn’t keep it as a thread to scroll through communications but breaks each contact into a single thread (simi linked to past communications in right column but limited to two). This could be a hassle when communicating back and forth for custom orders.


Oh I have so many more options. But I will always only use Write Message or Report Message. No Response Needed is only there if you have not responded, but that would be my 3rd option.



I agree. Write Message, Report Message, No Response Needed. I have no reason click any other option.


So I used every Autofill field n a test template:

These three do not work in the new messaging system.


Don’t work in the OLD messaging system either. Wonder why these two are even options then :melting_face:

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This is probably like when we couldn’t “Quote” or “Tag” when NSFE was in beta. We would think that, if it is showing now on the new message interface, it will be available as they work out the more important bugs they are finding. You will probably just have to keep testing to see when it finally is working (which might be when they decide to make the switch for everyone).

Most of my templates use [ASIN] as a field so I’m going back to the old system

For those that don’t use [ASIN] It’s really the item title not the actual “asin#”


I have the “NMIE” (New Messaging Inbox Experience).

It reminds me a LOT of the NSFE.


No messages though in any marketplaces.

We have been using it for a while and the numbers are showing correct for us. It may be that you are in transition. There should be a link to go back to the legacy version when you actually are on the message center page.

The one thing we do not like about it is it no longer shows past emails with a customer when they have ordered from you before. The new system only links together messages from the same order and not from the same customer.

Another thing we are watching is the “open” status verses the “resolved” status of the emails (which is the trigger for meeting the 24 hour response time). If you email a customer and they do not respond, the status remains “open”. The “resolved” is triggered by the No Response Needed toggle. We are unsure when you have an exchange where you are going back and forth with a customer as to when the “resolved” condition is met.

Very much so and is taking away some of the past insight into a customer’s behavior.

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The glitch of the day (yesterday). At a given time, I saw 80 messages on the dashboard (20 on each marketplace). No messages at all when checked. After a few minutes, it went back to 0.

A normal day on Amazon!

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It’s now being reported over in the fetid swamp NSFE as well:

Also here, albeit with more involvement than just Buyer-Seller Messenger:

Glitchmas is becoming a year-round occurrence, dagnabbit.