Anyone else not being assigned AMZX?

As of last week Amazon has in their infinite wisdom decided that AMZX should no longer be the default carrier for our inbound shipments, raising our freight costs from about $100/pallet to over $300/pallet.

Slightly frustrating, but I’m hoping this is only temporary. Anyone else experiencing the same?

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We had that from Oct-Dec. Was painful and slower. The last few pickups were done by Amazon Freight. I have 3 pallets being picked up on Tuesday and Amazon is not the carrier this time.

I can’t complain though:

Freight - $343
Rebate for the 3-way split - $963
Cost of the shipment - Profit of $600

Figured we would get our people used to shipment splitting since it will be mandatory starting in March.


Anything you remember doing that prompted the return of them doing your pickups?

What’s weird is we get the biggest rebate if we don’t split the shipment. For example, if we made a shipment for 1 pallet Amazon gives us the option to not split the shipment and send it to AVP1 with about a $500 rebate or split the shipment into 3 and get a $120 rebate.

It’s been like this for awhile, I sent half a truck a few weeks ago and got a $4500 rebate and freight cost about $1000 via AMZX but now that they’re assigning Estes instead freight would cost $2800.

So I mean we’re still coming out ahead its just frustrating that they would take away AMZX

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Nope, we did nothing. My thinking was the routes changed for Q4 rush and it didn’t make sense for Amz Freight to go so far out of the way. I wouldn’t say our facility is in the middle of nowhere but in the grand scheme of things in the Tri-State area, it sort of is.

I’ve never gotten a rebate for not splitting ever. I’ve never even heard of that so just keep doing what you’re doing I guess - haha.

Again, I would imagine the routes may have changed and will change back eventually. Nobody can predict what Amazon will do, even Amazon. Nobody can explain the vast majority of their actions either.


Here’s a shipment I’m working on right now, $942 rebate and they’re not offering any rebate for the split…

But freight is $742. A few weeks ago freight would have been $250 for these 2 pallets. We’re like 30 seconds off I90 in WA. I guess WA to PA probably isn’t a very common route though so perhaps they don’t have enough other shipments during Q1 to make the trip worth it. But what’s odd though is even if we were to send a full truck they were still gonna assign it to another carrier. Our other account is doing the same thing right now so at least I know its not an account issue.

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It’s also odd they’ve been even having us ship to AVP1 in the first place. I wish we could ship to an FC right here in Seattle SMH. I’m not sure if any WA FC’s are even set up for inbound shipments from sellers/vendors though. I think I’ve seen a forum topic once and someone said they had a shipment going to a facility in Seattle but that was a while ago.

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