Anyone has zero sales today. Amazon glitch?


Every morning when I get up, first thing I do is to check Amazon Seller app on my phone to see the sales. It was zero today (as zero order). Very strange. I went to Seller Central to see if my account or listings got suspended. Nope, everything seemed to be fine. I wonder if it’s just a glitch for not showing the actual order. Anyone has zero sales today?

Their bots are going wild again, I think it’s effecting everything. Sales have been wayyyyyy down this weekend.

Thanks for sharing. Yes my sales yesterday (Saturday) was 25% lower than normal as well :frowning:
Does your seller central show any sales so far today?

Sales down 38% this morning

rank stats all familiar

Last order 4 mins ago

So could be something or could be the end (I keed, I keed :smirk: )

Thanks for sharing. 38% is a huge drop. If BSR and stats remain the same, who got all the sales. :face_with_monocle:

My first sale of the day just appeared. :fearful: OMG I hope it’s just a glitch showing the wrong number.

So could be something or could be the end (I keed, I keed :smirk: )

Please don’t jinx all of us :slight_smile:

Won’t know until tomrorow…

BSR - is just a relative data point - in theory sales could go down that much for everyone and your rank stats would remain the same. A slow day if you will. Sundays are always a bit suspect because people are still sleeping on the west coast.

Sales happen or they don’t. There are some things that I can control and that is NOT one of them.

So far for the weekend things are about ‘normal’ as far as orders go. Compared to last year the entire month is up about 400% for units and 800% for dollars BUT I think I took a week off last year so that makes a huge difference.

Later today, if sales continue to come in, I will have to go into ‘vacation mode’ since much of the day tomorrow will be spent getting Grandson #4 on a plane going back to England for his Senior year of HS.

Hopefully by NEXT Summer our son and his family will be posted OUT of Moscow and the Grandson can see his family for the first time in a year+. Of course the State Department could have other thoughts about that.

Happy selling folks. As I used to tell my commodity traders – may you live in interesting times…


I like your optimistic view. I’ve gone through many Sundays and it has never been this bad. I think your new Amazon bot theory is more believable.

Wow! Congrats. My sales this month is down 20% compared to last year. 400% increase is very impressive. How many new products have you introduced to the market? I bet most or all are winners. :+1:

I have added very few new products. I probably restocked some, or, more likely a bunch of things came in off backorders.

At one point I had over 50 or 60 items that one brand had not had in stock for well over a year. That is now down to 6 or 8 so there was pent-up demand for those things.

And, as I said, I probably was shut down for 5 or 6 days for a ‘vacation’. My wife has ‘kind of’ convinced me that I need to take some time off from time to time. It’s only taken her 50+ years to do that though.

AND when most of my stuff runs under $25 and suddenly a couple school orders show up for things that are $150 to $200 EACH it has a disproportionate impact on the dollar numbers.

I have seen a pretty big drop in the competition on items as well. Now I’m only seeing 4 to 6 other sellers (and I have better feedback) where in the past there could be 12 to 15 on some items. The only reason I even stock those items is because I tend to do ‘whole line’ purchases with my brands when they only have 100 to 150 different SKUs.

For the ones that have a couple thousand that’s not possible! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Weekends in the summer are always slow for me, but a couple of books sold so far today.

I ship books to more people in California than any other state except New York. I hear CA is having some weather problems today…

The “Glitch” might be not receiving the OTP. Yesterday, got the OTP once via text and twice via phone message. Today- nothing!!. Nothing on the back-up lines either-both my husband’s but we both
use the same type android phone.

Folks can’t buy if have no access to their accounts!!

Was able to gain limited access through one of my employee’s accounts-who has an Apple phone rather than an android. But they can’t MANAGE INVENTORY or print packing slips!!

Checked w/ our phone carrier to see if I ineptly blocked receiving the darn OTP. They say the issue is AMAZON. Talked to a real human at AMZ who said the issue is being escalated to the technical team. Guess we’re sunk!!

Anyone else having this issue?

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No issue with OTP, since I don’t use it unless Amazon insists, which is rarely.

We always dip a little the first two weeks after the kids go back to school. Back to school creates spending on school supplies and clothing. It also is a yearly adjustment in time management after the summer slumber which also affects normal spending patterns.

We expect slow until about mid September … after the back to school and after Labor Day weekend both have to play out.

Ah yeah that helps. Thanks for sharing.

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Interesting. Maybe another factor is that California has the largest population (statewise) in the US.


Thanks for the discovery. Isn’t OTP (One Time Password) use for large items only or when Amazon suspicious fraud? I never used one before.

You can choose to have an OTP sent whenever you sign in. And usually if you sign in from a “new” device, they will send one as well.

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I have had no sales on Ebay since Friday.

Ebay forums have sellers complaining of no sales.

My granddaughter returns to college on Friday. This is the last weekend of summer for many college kids. Resort areas in Maine have seen their summer help disappear.

I am ahead of last summer in sales, in spite of what feels really slow.

Judging by the Northbound traffic we saw yesterday from Boston, a lot of people are taking advantage of this last weekend of summer. (We were heading south).

Marine Bob’s Used Book Superstore was jammed yesterday. It was one of his clearance sales with books that were sitting on the shelves since late March were 90% off and his clearance books were 3 for a dollar.

We bought some novels to read, and a load of 10 cent opera librettos and programs.


I remember the name Marine Bob from years ago. He’s still around?

Can’t sell opera librettos to save my life! Come across them all the time in my neck of the woods, but their highest and best use seems to be paper recycling. Same with most Playbills.

Is it that no one collects stuff anymore?