Anyone know if Case ID's increment by 1's or 10's?

I know I created 11 more cases today myself & I see in 3 hrs my case id’s went from
12900848191 to 12901830091 - that’s 980K+ difference.

I’m sure they are getting bombarded with verification cases and bots gone wild.

Talk about a stress test on the system…wow.
No wonder nothing gets fixed.

Funny - one one case about the BS hand sanitizers I added at the end:

This should not require multiple responses for me or support as this is not a hand sanitizer. You have been provided with all the information you need. (that’s images front & back & manufacturers website link)

That received 1 response saying the items is being reactivated.
I was like wow. Not the usual 5-6 replies needed. So I’ll be adding that to every case and see the results.


Lets just say I guess I got lucky on that 1 case.
All the others just reply with the same canned messages.
I was hoping that would work but it did not

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