Anyone received this "Complimentary growth consultation with Amazon Select" email? Does it worth the time talking to them?


I received the email at the bottom today and 5 days ago (I missed it). I wonder if anyone tried it.

Team ,

I wanted to follow up on my previous email inviting you to a complimentary consultation to discuss no-cost opportunities to expand selection, optimize listings, and drive traffic to your Amazon storefront.

As a Customer Success Manager for Amazon’s Strategic Account Services team, I help sellers like yourself optimize and grow their businesses through customized short-term account management.

Please schedule your complimentary 15-minute call at the following link:


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I found it worthless.

Have you tried expanding your FBA offers?
Have you thought about running more ads?
If you lower your prices you are more likely to get the BB…


Ask them if it is just another series of bots to deal with, like the rest of Amazon.

I had a similar “consultation” call for handmade maybe a year or two ago. Told me I shouldn’t let my FBA go out of stock, that my FBM should be free shipping and that I should focus on A+ content and pay for advertising.


Are you paying for SAS already?

If not then it sounds like they’re trying to to sell you on SAS.

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It’s an SAS upsell meeting just as GGX said. A series of generic advice with the upsell on SAS - which has a waitlist and so they’ll add you to the waitlist with no obligation to join.


Possibly relevant

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Thanks for your reply. No, I don’t want to expand FBA or running more ads. Selling on Amazon hasn’t been profitable like it used to. Amazon favors Chinese sellers too much. I’m probably going to gradually shrinking and pursue other e-commerce opportunities.

Do you mean that they’ve been using bots for these invites?

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There’s a waitlist for their overpriced seller support program?

Is this like clubs intentionally having a line outside to look popular?

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Thanks. It sounds like something that we all already know. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. What is SAS? I almost thought it was Sellers Ask Sellers (like the name of this forum :slight_smile:

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What’s SAS?

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These were not my questions for you. These were the questions that the Ama-rep asked. They were meant to be examples of how pointless the meeting was.

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This is SAS

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Exactly this. They charge 20x for a $20 bottle of alcohol too!

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We’re Sellers Ask Sellers (SAS)

They’re Strategic Account/Amazon Services (SAS)

We are not the same.


They offered this to us free for one year. (Growth, not SAS). Our lady was OK. While she did suggest FBA (not a fit), I don’t think she ever pushed dropping prices (we’re brand owners). She tried to get us set up on some “lifestyle” product features (which didn’t make sense for our products). She did successfully escalate two product creation issues that we had…which was great since we weren’t getting anywhere with SS.

Overall, it wasn’t a huge benefit, but we didn’t invest much (time or money), so our expectation was low. If you sell more B2C, then maybe you could leverage it more.
We plan to take advantage of whatever “special” we get selected for (especially free access to a live person stateside).

After the Growth program, we got connected with the Bulk Services part of the B2B team (before the recent general training). That program has worked out very well for us.


Thanks for sharing your experience.