Anything we can do when someone mistakenly reviews my product?

They gave one star because the drug test does not work. I do not sell drug tests. They obviously bought my product along with their drug test, because it’s a verified review.

The product was a part of a variation. I tried deleting the parent so that the review would follow only the child that was reviewed. The reviews disappeared for both children, but the global star rating is still there for both children. :frowning:

If the brand is registered…

Navigate to this link:

Drop down the “Report a Marketplace Violation”

Click “Product review Violation”

Fill in the details asked for and roll the dice. We’re 2 for 10 using this for getting rid of ridiculous reviews… One instance was your exact case - a review for something we didn’t sell the buyer with a verified purchase stamp on it.

Good Luck,


Thanks. I have a brand registry waiver, but it doesn’t seem to work for that. I tried creating a case by using a bunch of words the bot would not normally have been programmed with, and it did seem to confuse the bot. Maybe that would give me a live person.