AtoZ Claim Confusion.


AtoZ Claim Confusion

"We received an AtoZ claim for “Item Not Received” We checked the order before responding and indeed this order was confirmed delivered by UPS. We bought the shipping via Amazon, shipped by the ship by date, packaged was confirmed delivered well within the deliver by date. All good.

Now we get a message from Amazon stating they need more information. The message the sent and information the require has nothing to do with the item not received claim.

How do you respond to this? Is someone actually reading these claims??


We need more information before we can make a decision on this A-to-z Guarantee claim. If you do not provide the information requested below within the next 72 hours, we may grant the claim in favor of the customer. Then we would deduct that amount from your account.

What is needed from me?

This order is eligible for return. Refer to the Extended Holiday Returns policy.

Provide the following information.

– Return address

– Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, if applicable

– Phone number, if needed by the carrier

– Other information relevant to the return, for example, the tracking information for a replacement item if agreed upon with the customer

The claim was submitted for an incorrect reason. While we understand that the customer has not submitted a return request, you need to provide a return address so that the customer can return the item to you."

How strange is this; why would they even be asking these questions for an INR?.. :person_facepalming:

Maybe the buyer or SS used the wrong reason on the A-z claim (INR), and the customer is trying to return an order (in April) that they placed during the holiday.


They shouldn’t be, but this is what happens when someone who barely understands English is given a few buttons to press to respond with a template.

Cause that’s cheaper!





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Self portrait, working on SAS late at night???


INR is apparently complicated for customers…

If Sellers had any doubts, TikTok and users are not our friends…

For INR requests involving UPS, I log into UPS and get a Proof of Delivery screenshot for the item, and then I include that with my A-Z response including any additional information that is requested.