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Hello Friends
The new Amazon Forum has a Back to Top Button. I like reading all the posts and replies right down to the very last one as I sip my morning tea.
A back to top button in SAS would be helpful so I can start another post before the tea gets cold.
Having a good time here. Thank you.

We have it, just like the OSFE:

Drag the slider circled in red to the top, or click on the slider bar at the top


And if you scroll up slightly so that a thread title us visible, you can simply click it to head back to the OP.


Forgot about that one

Yep, click/touch the title in the upper left and it will snap to the first post


Just curious…

Your screenshot shows two small icons (just below the red circled area)

The arrow I see on my screen and it has a pop-up explanation.

The bell has no explanation.

I am reluctant to click on stuff to see what happens.

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The bell is redundant to the bell at the bottom of the thread below share, bookmark, flag, reply. It’s how your getting alerted to the thread


:thinking: Yes, shame they didn’t think of something like that…

Understood. Thank you!