Bad policy just got worse

instant replacements!
Not even waiting for the first scan of the return.

Seller feedback is as expected…horrified


Yepper - I’ve been following that News Headline-accompanying NSFE discussion right from its get-go, and remain amazed @ how-quickly the most-pertinent responses burgeon above and beyond the 15-upvotes line.


I am impressed.

Amazon came up with something WORSE than “Refund At First Scam”

…errr, “Scan”


My solution is going to be multiple SKUs per ASIN on new books. The replacement has to be the same SKU, so the bots will say ‘no replacement’, even though more will be available for sale on the same ASIN under different SKUs.

The customers can see more for sale but the bots can’t. :joy:

I already do this with used books. I post pictures of every book, so each book gets its own SKU, even if they are the same title in the same condition. ( The cheapest one shows up in its proper sequence. All of the rest get booted to the end of the list of offers. But they slide back down when the lowest one sells. )


This is quite proper, as each used book is in slightly different condition, so no two are exactly the same.

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Add the occasional buyer error choosing the wrong order (as evidenced by feedback and returns on stuff we never sold); and the buyer choosing ‘replacement’ when they never got the first one - possible address problem; and this could be problematic in ways that Amazon probably has not considered since they don’t have a track record of designing for the what-ifs.

The instant replacement mechanism will allow them to shorten the window further where the address is shown on the order.


I believe that BINGO has been called!


Breathing a sigh of relief here as I sell only fbm and have only one copy of any given book. How you gonna steal another one if it ain’t there? Take THAT Amazon.