Bamboo Bot Gone Crazy

Yup and it’s not just this.

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Here is the parent ASIN, the other children ASIN are all Active and fine, they are just orphans at the moment. They never return errors.


I tried just doing an UPDATE on attributes and left all Parent/Variation data blank. Still got the same error

The SKU [ YX-4RNZ-4L44] is a variation Parent in one or more marketplaces and a variation Child in another marketplace(s).

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I got it.

where is that “smack head” emoji… :sob: :sob: :woozy_face: :exploding_head:

I was going through the excel file and noticed that I accidentally had Offer under Fulfillment Channel Code set to AMAZON_NA instead of being blank for the parent.

I removed it and it was accepted without the error.

Alright, 3 more ASINs to go (1 parent, 2 children) and I’ll have everything back. I have been saving these for last as they are the hardest. I deleted the listings in order to update without any blocks, and that was a mistake. Now I can’t get them to re-submit… let’s go!!!




I have to say, you have had one of the worst Amazon seller experiences that I have ever seen. Between the fact that you’re in a niche that gets heavily and randomly enforced, and the downright terrible service your highly paid SAS reps have given you, I don’t blame you one bit for wanting to exit this. It’s a shame that you can pay so much for seller support and they can’t resolve BS like this.


And, if I can keep schedule and not struggle with the last two, i’ll have all these listings back in about a week while with SAS helping get them back it took about 90 days during the last bamboo crackdown.

Now that I’m content with the end, I’m actually more effective when I’m not freaking out and actually catching my breath.

Before I couldn’t process the losses of everything while de-listed, but now it’s just about getting back and moving this inventory out. (and beating the deadline for automated returns)


and… I’m back!

All listings back active and reconnected with inventory with just a bunch of uploading, fiddling, uploading, fiddling, uploading, waiting, fiddling, uploading.

What took SAS about 90 days at $1800/mo, I accomplished in a week.

My only mistake was filing one appeal early on a single ASIN, which caused that listing to sit inactive for a bit after coming back. Active now.

Reconnected half the A+ content last night and doing the rest today. (removed as a precaution during edits)


Maybe when you are finished, you could put a summary of what and how you did that worked in a single post that could be added to the resource section.

It might save another a few days of frustration.

Glad you got it solved.


Definitely will do. Need the “note to self” also.

For now, I have one last thing it turns out…

I don’t see any recommendations and the Fix Issues screen says nothing to fix, so going to have to see what voluntary attributes may be missing.

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or invalid (not valid for the category specific type - item-type)


Would there be an easy way to spot this? I’m not finding anything. I went to the suppressed listings page and they weren’t there.

And here are the recommendations for them: “No action needed at this time”

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Well, now the suppressed listings are down to 2. I changed them all to Gift Wrap, check No. lol.

That’s the only thing I changed.

Hopefully the other 2 “naturally” correct as well.


What the heck?!?

I wasn’t sure if I should post this as a new thread, but I got the craziest email from Amazon “Appeals” this morning.

I only did an appeal on one ASIN, and I realized that was a mistake as that ASIN became the hardest to get back to active. The rest of the ASINs I got back to active through multiple File Upload (UPDATE) updates.

But now, Amazon sends me this:

[CASE 15051966081] US - Restricted Products - Appeal - ASIN: B082JXSSBL


We received your submission and we have started the process of reinstating the product detail page for the following ASINs:


Please note that the reinstatement may not take effect immediately but the process should be completed within the next 2 business days.

I never filed an appeal for any of these ASINs. The ASIN I appealed, B08TZD673S, I just allowed the case to timeout and close on its own once I got it back.

I don’t like the idea of Amazon automation “reinstating” listings that have been active since last week, all at a request I didn’t create.

Weird, right?


You and Amazon have a truly bizarre relationship :grimacing:


True story. They are giving me a “win” – I’m expecting headaches during the “next 2 business days” – that I never requested.