Bank account verification for single-member LLC

Another day, another Amazon headache.

I cannot verify my bank account information. I have a single-member LLC, so under the Tax Interview I have my name listed, but also my company name listed under DBA.

In the Manage Depost Methods, the “Account Holder” is listed as my business LLC name. On the bank statement is my business LLC name and they match.

But Amazon wants a bank account with my personal name listed, not the bank account.

I have sent screen shots of the bank account name in Manage Deposit Methods, the Tax Interview DBA, and a copy of the statement through a support case, but they have not responded over the past week.

Anyone else run into this, and if so, how did you resolve it?

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Yes, I resolved it by submitting a personal bank statement. With my home address, NOT the corporate bank statement with the corporate address. Amazon is verifying you, in this instance, not the company. I also had to submit a government ID (I submitted a US Passport Card).

In a following verification, I did need to submit a corporate bank statement.

That will always be rejected. Full color, high resolution PDFs or JPGs of actual hard copy (physical) documents (if downloaded/digital, print and re-digitize) front and back, even blank pages. Seems to achieve the best results for acceptance.

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Long Term Solution
To get the Deposit Method verified when you are individual in Legal Entity with a DBA name, have your individual name (Legal Entity) added to the Deposit Method bank statement. This is how we have ours and it passed verification no problem.

Your Name (Legal Entity name)
LLC Name ( DBA name)


Short Term Solution
Since this is time sensitive, go to your bank and have them provide you with a document on their letterhead stating that you are the account holder of the account with the LLC name. The account number will need to be on the document along with the LLC name and address. Then create a single PDF with the bank document as the first page of the bank statement. This method has worked for others with various issues when verifying the Deposit Method.


Also, I ended up using my peronal bank account… as my Tax Interview / Legal Entity shows me personally. Worked A-OK, make sure to set that new “personal” account as your default.


for our “smaller” account I just provided what was requested.
On this interview I was only asked for my business EIN. The rest of the information requested was personal information.
I used a bit of forward thinking here, and added a personal bank account as a deposit method. Just prior to certification I made that bank account the default/primary account so the certification information should now match.
I had all business information ready (Tax ID, EIN, business bank account, business credit card) but for this account only drivers’ license, business EIN and bank account information were required. Not sure if they’ll request more or deny the submission.
Everyone holding their breath here. Just exhausting.


I am a single member LLC, which they treat as an individual so I have to use my name as the legal entity and my SSN.

I don’t want my personal and business financial accounts mixed up together. I specifically created an LLC for the business and run everything through that.

I am going to try this. Thanks for the info!

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Agreed, I didn’t either, but as a last-ditch fast solution, it worked.

My bank finally replied this AM and told me in order to get my name added to the LLC account, I’ll need to get them new articles of incorporation :man_facepalming:

That is the way it should be.
Bank account, credit card and all information should match LLC .
Much easier for bookkeeping as well.
Not sure why Amazon does this, looking more like they pick and choose what information to ask
from what seller. Have always thought and still think it’s dangerous for a sellers legal name to be published , let alone a home address.
My old world thinking I guess.

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We did too.
We submitted a personal TD bank, which is different from the company bank and deposit method bank for the verification.

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Just received this email
Logged into my account go to health page, does not show verified nor does it show more information needed.

Looks like everything confirmed without issue (for now)…

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That email is being sent out when you have successfully verified the Legal Entity.

The second image is saying that the Business Address verification part has been completed successfully. (Did it show the business phone number as verified too?)

If your Deposit Method has been verified successfully, then you are done.

At that point within a few hours, the warning on the seller central home page and the widget on the Account Health page will disappear … and you will be done with it for now.




Yes, had issue with the way the phone number was entered. Corrected that and it showed accepted immediately.

Thanks to all for the great information and support. Extremely helpful - as always!

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A “few hours later” they are now asking to confirm address (sending post card) and need more bank account information.

The never ending story

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Did you make a change in the business address? Had you done the post card verification prior?

Is the more bank account information asking for a bank statement for your Deposit Method?

If you hadn’t done both of the above, then Amazon is back tracking on the notification that says the business address is verified and catching up on the Deposit Method.

This process has been a jumbled mess so it doesn’t surprise us to see the conflicting notifications.

What does your Account Health page widget show for green check marks?

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We have been at the same address for the past 8 years, no changes.
Never had post card verification - this is the first.

I have not looked at the new bank verification requirement yet - will tackle that this morning. Yesterday I provided the most recent statement cover page which matches the deposit method that is listed for disbursements.

I don’t believe this is a surprise to any of us.


So this is what I did. I didn’t get a letter, but they did print out a new Business resolution for the account showing the business name, checking account number, and my name. I did as you said, attached it as the first pages to the statement, and now it is verified… too bad I JUST missed my normal deposit day. Oh well. Still have the account warning on my home page, but I figure that will fall off in a few hours.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP! This is a huge stress off my mind!