Bank Account Verification (Unverified) - But Verified in Manage Deposit Methods


I´m new here and hope I do it right.
My question is about the verification process for the amazon INFORM consumer act.
I have a deactivation account warning cause my bank account should not be verified.

But when I proceed as written on the different help pages (Manage Deposit Methods), than I see my bank account IS verified.

In a lot of other posts is written about a verification button to upload documents.
But I do not have any option/button/link to start any verification process of my bank account.
Also contacting SS was not even helpful, always the same words like will be forwarded to an internal team, but nothing happened in roughly 5 days.
So I´m ot sure whether this is any kind of a glitch in the amazon system, which is showing the account health warning about the bank account, although the bank account is shown as verified.

Has anybody the same problem and if so, was there any kind of a solution on how to proceed or what to do?

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We were verified in the Deposit Method area but had a circle with greyed out text. In time, the system caught up we guess and we received the green check mark without doing anything extra.

With what you are showing, we would just be ride it out by checking the Deposit Method area a couple times a day (once in the morning and once at night ) just to see if anything changes until you get the green check mark and it all disappears.

And by the way … Welcome to SAS!




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Welcome and fourthed? Quaded?..

Either way welcome. :slight_smile:


If you just click on that blue “O Bank Account” in your image does it show verified there?
If so then it’s just a mater of time before the warning goes away


@Toys please keep us updated

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The problem is solved.
Beside my bank account I had also signed for the Seller Wallet in my deposit methods.
The bank account was verfied, but the same bank account must also be verified in the Seller Wallet.
I have NOT choosed the Seller Wallet as primary disbursment source, only my bank account.
BUT the same bank account must also be verified IN the Seller Wallet, also when you are not using it.
That has happened now, so all is set.

Probably I could have also remove the Seller Wallet in my desposit methods with the same result, as than my only deposit method is my bank account, which was already verfied.