Banner ads above my listings - Grr!

I assume this is new, but maybe I just haven’t noticed before. Now, instead of just below, Amazon is showing a full-width BANNER ad above my product listings. Good grief, nice way to muddy up the UI even more. :confused:

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Don’t know how long it’s been there, but the wide banner is on all listings. Another way for Amazon to entice more seller to advertise, or justify the money charged for ads.

Hopefully, buyers will get use to it and the eyes will just skip right over it and not really “seeing” it.


Are you referring to the Amazon pharmacy ad above listings on the detail page?

No - it’s for specific items - like this. So annoying. Thanks a lot. :confused:

It’s so seamless it almost looks like it’s my item - since there’s nothing between except a thin line.

:angry: and even worse it is what you are selling, and it’s got a coupon.

I don’t see them but I still see similar product ads immediately below the small business banner. So does yours have the Amazon pharmacy 1/2 banner as well?

Correct - in every instance it’s something similar to mine with a coupon or on sale - and marketside. And the price is BIG and red. And less than mine.
No pharmacy banner - just these.
Screen Shot 2023-04-24 at 3.07.48 PM

The more I look…they’re going to kill my listings with this. Because it makes mine look overpriced.

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So sorry. Sometimes I have a smaller banner ad below the listing. A lot of my listings have a lot of description so the buyers who don’t read anything anyway probable don’t ever see those ads but on top is even more wrong.


But wait, it is also handmade, likely by little hands in a far off land. < s >

I do think they do not care about Amazon Handmade any longer. I don’t think they care about “Made in America” any longer. It’s all about the ad profits.

In a related note, we went cold turkey and dropped ads about 1 1/2 months ago. You know what happened? …


We never ran ads when we started, they did not have them, a few years after they had them we started using them. Our AcOS goals were 10%-20% on the high side for new products, on the low side for existing ones.

The problem is with all these new “display ads” like what you had plastered on your item, the bidding war is on.

I have to say, our sales may be down a bit, but our profits are up. It is so nice not to have that $500 advertising hit us up side the head when we least expect it. Just looked at the chart, it is so nice to see the ‘seafoam’ (green blue color) bigger than the red expense part. With no advertising withdrawals.

Our analysis has shown, while we may be down $500 sales we are not spending $750 in Ads.

Our market may be different than others, but this is our result. We have interesting data from days of the week where AcOS is good, and days where it is bad, but I am getting off topic. Will put that in another post sometime.

For now, know it is not personal against you @LR72 they have created a shark tank where they want us to eat each other for the profit with no expense that ads bring.


I assume this is new, but maybe I just haven’t noticed before. Now, instead of just below, Amazon is showing a full-width BANNER ad above my product listings.

I started noticing this a couple months ago. It’s just another position for advertising (all of them I’ve seen say ‘sponsored’) and my initial reaction was boy, Amazon must be getting really desperate.

Due to this conversation today, I paid a little closer attention and now I see a mix of ‘ads’ and pharmacy banners, that I hadn’t noticed before.

Amazon has the feel of being less about shopping, and more about promoting. :grimacing:


Promoting with ads, since you have no CoGS and you have unlimited profit!

I do think, they think, we are idiots. We are not. We can see this clear as crystal.


Product Targeting I believe

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You are right, the banners are definitely targeted to similar item’s product detail page. On my earrings pages ( and couple of other earrings pages fr other HM sellers) I have the banners of this same company’s earrings:

The only saving grace for this company’s banner is the earrings are all over $100, so anybody who interested in my earrings’ price range (under $30) most likely wouldn’t be interested in theirs, I hope.

Wonder how much this company have to pay to get this much exposure from Amazon? Of course, if nobody looks at our product pages, then they don’t get the exposure.

I would not do that, it would be manipulation against Amazons Terms of Service.

However, I will say, our data shows that during Chinese New Year, our AcOS and conversion rate is drastically improved.

Could it be that the click farms in the Asian Basin are closed down?


I’m so disheartened by this I might give that a try. It certainly can’t hurt at this point - then I’ll just keep sending more FBA, updating listings, etc. I do not have the volume to compete with the mass-produced crap.

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The manipulation is egregious. I posted a few weeks back when I found this on my page, trying to steer the buyer away.


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I’m so disheartened by this I might give that a try.

For what it’s worth, I have never advertised on Amazon. Back when I first started, one of their big selling points was we pay them a monthly fee and they handle all the advertising for us. This has never been my area of expertise, so I liked the sound of that.

I have no ‘with advertising’ data to compare to, and I’m not skilled in this area, but my naive point of view says - either I’m going to be in the Buy Box (and get the sale) or I’m not, and if I’m not, no amount of advertising would help.

Maybe advertising is good to help with initial exposure, but once a product starts to sell, it seems to keep selling on its own.


It’s actually an option for advertising. You can select where you want your ad to show. Banner (like you are saying) or below the target products buy now box. I stopped all advertising so I don’t remember all the options but I remember you paid more for the banner ads with direct targeting (meaning they are targeting your specific product, not a keyword). It’s been an option for a while now, it’s probably that no one did it before.

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I agree with you 100%. I dropped all ads 4-5 months ago and saw very little effect on sales. I was spending $1500-2000 a month on ads. My sales are down a little but I’m actually much more profitable without the ad spend. I basically put another $1500 in my pocket each month.

I do think advertising has a place when launching a new product to get exposure, but after that it seems to be a complete waste of money based on your experience and mine.

You are right about the shark tank bidding wars too. I have competitors that buy ads on their own listings just to keep competitors off. Sure, you can outbid them. Then they outbid you. The only winner is Amazon. That’s why I stopped advertising.

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Good grief - so they’re actually targeting my specific ASINs? When I look at the day’s bestsellers in my category in handmade I’m always in there. So they must be watching that and using those ASINs to target. I mean…thanks a lot, hope you get a lot of mileage out of targeting my minimal sales. :frowning:

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Yes, that is exactly how it works. You put a specific ASIN in to target, then you can choose where your ad will show on that page (banner, beneath buy box, bottom of page with other products list, etc). Then you set your bid. That is exactly what you are seeing on your listing. It’s a competitor paying to be there.

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