[Bloomberg] Amazon ‘Aggregators’ Who Raised $16 Billion Are Now Teetering



Death of yet another get quick rich scheme.

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Um. Get rich quick scheme. Yeah…

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It hasn’t helped, according to insiders, that aggregators tended to hire people steeped in dealmaking rather than selling online. “The assumption that any layman can run an e-commerce business is wrong,” said Michal Baumwald Oron, CEO of Fortunet, an investment banking firm serving online businesses. “The successful brands are run by smart professionals and so will the successful aggregators.”

Just because your title was “sales” in no way automatically translates into “successful in e-comm”.

Private labeling of Alibaba junk…

are u stupid


But UzeTubes told me to!


Apparently, BlackRock and JP Morgan used to watch YouTube for investment advice too!

I mean sort of.

  1. So the problem was that aggregators didn’t have discerning protocols for purchasing businesses

  2. They also didn’t hire the right talent - it’s sort of like hiring from a pool of Amazon Selling Partner Support - where nominal competency comes at a premium

  3. The thesis of acquisition hasn’t changed - but the rubric for purchasing and viability is slightly different now - they have to be more discerning

The rest is more or less factual.

Great share!



Money was cheap a few months ago. And now it’s not; so the house of cards comes tumbling down - story is old as time.


Don’t worry, this is all just transitory. I was assured.

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So are tampons - but sooner or later they wear past their utility :person_shrugging:t3:

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I was not aware of that

Learn every day

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An example of the same stupidity which led to the three recent bank failures.

Failure to manage risk because they believed there is always a greater fool to unload this detritus on.

All that money for one more cat p!ss deodorizer that doesn’t wok. :rofl:


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