[Boston25] One says it's easy, others not so much. (RA)

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Interviewed seller said they’ve already made around $50,000 this year.

When people say this it always concerns me.

We don’t know for sure that they “Made $50K” or if they sold $50K. We don’t know the CoGS, the price they picked up the items for. We don’t know the expenses, if they use advertising, or what the return rate is. We don’t knw the IRN volume they have.

So much unknown.


They don’t even know how much it costs to ship the items/ship them to FBA.


No, we don’t know for sure.

But I’d be willing to bet it’s “sold”. Almost a sure thing.


“This is not a passive income situation. Eventually you’ll hit some sort of wall,” McCabe said.

YES. Thank you! RA is no longer sustainable and has increased exponentially in risk.


Please, we’re doing the same thing the stores do. You walk into Walmart, what do you think they get it for? Pennies,” Nicole said.

A troubling amount of misconception regarding retail, wholesale, and authorized going around. I don’t think I’d be bragging after just one year of running a TikTok con and after five months only ‘making’ $50K. You could get a real job and pull that down, without the risk of litigation and prison.


When one of these experts can find the data to compare the IQs of sellers from the Amazon heydey to today, they might make some conclusions which are meaningful.

The largest Amazon sellers are selling greater volumes than ever, and there is absolutely no way of proving it short of knowing who they are, and Bloomberg, Marketpulse, and other so called experts are unlikely to know.


@Pepper_Thine_Angus Started a thread on the same article a couple days back…

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Ah, missed that.


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