Brand Hijacking and Semi-Duplicate Listings

Some time ago, we left selling on Amazon to a dealer. They pulled a little trick, setting up a listing that did not acknowledge the brand-registry registered trademark, but instead, claimed that the “brand” for the product was a brand name used only on Amazon - the name of their Amazon “store”, which was also brand-registered. When we noticed this “error”, and told them the correct brand name to use, they then changed the brand name to the name of the product itself, again avoiding use of the correct brand name. Their goal here was clearly to be the only seller of the niche but very popular product on Amazon. We eventually got all this fixed, and terminated the relationship with the dealer, as they tried to play games twice.

Months later, we have copies of these incorrect listings with incorrect brand names and out-of-date number and mixes of reviews appearing in overseas markets, all with “currently out of stock”, prompting a few opportunists to create FBM listings with silly high prices, clearly intending the “arbitrage” between an order in that marketplace, fulfilling with a drop-shipped order in the marketplace.

How to get Amazon to see the brand name mismatch, and the out-of-date listing? Most of our inquires have been stiff-armed with “You are reporting your own listing”, which is incorrect, as the brand is “hijacked”. We have seemed to make some headway by escalating, and being increasingly pointed in our language (“STOP - LOOK AT THE BRAND NAME ON THIS LISTING!..”)

But what did Amazon do, and why did they do it? There were no sellers to create offers, yet the “catalog” entry still appeared - how to get them either deleted or corrected?

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Hi @packetfire, I am just now seeing your topic today as I catch up from being out-of-town.

I am wondering whether this would be a merge-and- cleave situation, where you request that the Catalog team first merge the correct and incorrect ASINs and then cleave the GTIN off of the incorrect ASIN, thus protecting your GTIN from abuse?

Or whether you can directly request that the Catalog team close the incorrect ASIN to offers?

Because I am not personally certain, I’m tagging @roxy and @oneida_books, for their help, if available.

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To clarify, the ASINs are all the same number.

The reviews, the total number of reviews, the product title, and the bullet points are all a “dated” snapshot from nearly a year ago. We have been frustrated by a lack of comprehension at Amazon, as we never registered in any of these marketplaces, yet the listing simply appeared, most all of them showing “currently unavailable”. Where local in-country opportunists have made offers to ship FBM, they have been drop-shipping liars, as none of them have ever purchased the product, so they were hoping to place an order on the usa marketplace if they ever got an order in their own marketplace.

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