Brand Registry Removals

This sounds like a nightmare:

Brand Registry removals 13653564741 (

Did anyone else get affected?

So many that some months back Sandy_Amazon crafted a “Sanctioned Lawyer” template that she & other mods have posted quite a few times, and the Editorial Team modified certain of the SHC’s IPR pages to include links to the USPTO’s two resources for checking whether or not an attorney has been sanctioned.

There are also indications that some of the supposedly-vetted firms who were IP Accelerator Program participants have been removed.

It’s the USPTO that’s doing the blacklisting - apparently as a result of shenanigans cooked up when the ‘Domestic Attorney’ rule was fomented; at this point, it appears that Amazon is simply following suit.


But that’s awful if people were using IP Accelerator because they viewed it as a foolproof method for getting accepted. I’m sure some would not have spent the money on them if it weren’t for that “guarantee.”

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There have been at least three posts about it today so far that I saw. I expect there will be a lot more.

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Can you post the Amazon link that links to the USPTO links please?

The latest I’ve seen is Jim’s post from two weeks back here:

It includes links to UPSTO’s Trademark Decisions and Proceedings search tool (link) & to its ‘index’ page Potentially Misleading Solicitations (link).

I’m in agreement with our friend @Amazon_Seller that this will likely be devastating to many members of our Seller Community.

I’m likewise in agreement with our friend @dwat0870’s oft-professed (in the NSFE) observation that Amazon is busily engaged in cleaning house.

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Thank you … we have bookmarked all the links for future use.

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Makes me glad I just DIY the trademark. I saw no need for a lawyer.

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Yeah. I figure if it doesn’t go through, I only lost $250.


I qualified the above with “…at this point, …” because I didn’t have any evidence to the contrary.

That’s now been supplied by one of the seasoned and savvy forum vets who posted this to that thread:

There’s only one Exhibit - an apology letter (bolded & italicized emphasis mine):

This defamation suit was dismissed with prejudice, with both plaintiff & defendant obliged to absorb their own costs.

It’s quite likely that I wouldn’t have signed off on that in a case like this, but that’s neither here nor there - what strikes me most about this is the distinct probability that Amazon has unleashed yet another poorly-parameterized policing Amabot, and that false-flagging such as is so-vividly demonstrated this particular case might yet wind up costing more than a mere pound of flesh…


Given that this involves multiple law groups – lawyers who know the law – this might get expensive for Amazon.

And, as usually is the case, Amazon just might be REALLY slow learners here since there are even more posts today about TM suspensions on Amazon. I wonder how long it will take one hand to realize that the other hand got slapped???

I LOVE silo manglement…

Most often, this means that the parties settled. One can look at the docket, often there is a letter from one of the parties saying exactly that, and asking for a jointly-requested dismissal.