Brand Tailored Promotion: Best Approach

Was about to launch a Brand Tailored Promotion for Abandoned Carts (and later Repeat Customers).

What is the better way to go?

  1. I am running big sales on my ASINs right now, so was thinking of stacking another 10% off in the promo.

Or, do people not notice that extra benefit, and is it better to wait until:

  1. price returns to full, and offer a bigger percent discount through Brand Tailored Promotions

Anyone have success with either?

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As a buyer I can tell you I prefer stackable, but that’s just an opinion and I have no sales conversion stats about either on the seller side. I know others will offer some insight here shortly (some may also be away for the holiday weekend)


I’ve run them on everything I’m allowed to run them on. I have good promotions without them, so I did not want to add any more than 10%, and it is stackable. Unlike coupons, customers automatically get the discount (they don’t have to clip or enter codes).

I got 8 sales in one month: 2 repeat customers, 2 potential new customers, and 4 brand cart abandoners. Really thought there’s be more, but a sale is a sale.


Whoa, yeah, I definitely thought there would be more than that. But, as you say, a sale is a sale. Launching a couple today.


When it asks for Budget? Is that just how much total savings you are willing to sell on?

My assumption is that if I have a $100 product at 10% off through the promotion, a budget of $300 would mean I can sell 30 units before it ends (30 x $10 savings)

Is that correct?

Just launched our first go at this on Sunday. Seems to be working and incremental (perhaps).

That is correct.

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