Bulk shipping serving media mail result

I always use Bulk shipping. Today out of the blue it is serving up “Media mail” for “Selected Shipping Service” No changes to package dimensions or weight nor have I made any other changes. It is random with one or two packages per shipment session. :man_shrugging: Anyone else?


I got one today too. It was something I sell a lot of–size was prefilled but I had to add weight.

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I got it on an individual shipping request too. I never do bulk, and I’ve never seen Media before. Would have been easy to miss…

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I do individual buy shipping and today Media Mail came up and I never sell media.

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I got a recommended media mail this morning. It was in no way a media item. It was while shipping items individually with Amazon Shipping.

It caught my attention since they changed an office map we sell to a media item last fall. This added the $1.90 media fee. Something I need to address. I took care of it temporarily by raising the price, to delight the Amazon customer.

The one from this morning did not appear to be changed, but we are keeping an eye on it when it is ordered again.

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Speaking of Mail, I got an email for postage audit from 1st January 2023 to 28th February 2023. While I did not have any charges, I had 31 credits totaling $8.89. The email said the transaction would be listed under “Adjustment”. It was NOT listed as an “Adjustment” but listed as “Other” and the report totals $8.89 but the credit totaled $8.39 so I cannot figure out the .50 discrepancy. Most of these adjustments appear to be a credit of $.45 for Priority small flat rate box which was being charged at $9.00 instead of $8.55 that other venues were charging.

Just a heads up


It just happened again, why does Amazon have to mess with this?

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seeing this late. but ME TOO!

I was cussing up a storm, went back and refunded the label and then manually picked first class like it’s supposed to be.


It is still happening to us randomly.

Out of the blue, 10% of the time we are offered “Media Mail” on items that can not be shipped that way. My concern is they are converting them, so they get that extra “fee” charged as happened with our map.

Then I think about the OSFE, what if this was happening then (or now.) I could see sellers indicating, Amazon offered it, must be OK to do! Then getting a USPS package inspection, and the correct postage being charged.

We often ship our items with our trade dress showing. Amazon is giving us the Media Mail option on those items. Very clear they are not media.

Of interesting note, we got a call from one of the USPS hubs. They saw our product pass through on it’s trip to an Amazon Customer. They wanted us to do a custom board for their pet. We did, “nice to meet you” was my internal response. (Think grandchildren and the simple song.)

Fact is stranger than fiction.

This morning ALL shipments were media mail (bulk shipping). I corrected all, scroll to bottom to change the ship date to tomorrow and it switches them all again to media mail. :angry:

It’s showing up on individual label purchases now too. Seen it on a few, but not all, of mine since yesterday. None of which are media.


Yes, I am getting this all the time now on the majority of our shipments.

I feel bad for the regular seller, who is going to pick the least expensive option but has no clue it does not qualify for Media Mail.

Though since we are locked out of the forum, and going to seller support is like Kissing Frogs, and never getting a prince, we have no where to go.

Unless it is a message to Jeff@ but i understand he is in space…

Oh, well, they will find out when the USPS does an audit.


Or sea trialing his new sailing vessel.

Might as well, as he can’t stay at his house…

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