Business Operating Hours posted on Buy Shipping

I am seeing this on business buyer orders, started in the past week:


So, should I print it and tape it on the package? (j/k)

Really, the delivery dates are not guaranteed on 99.9% of the orders I ship, they don’t pay the extra shipping cost for a service that does guarantee it.

On a Tuesday order, I could select the UPS vs USPS option that shows estimated delivery for Friday but that does not mean the delivery won’t be attempted on Saturday instead. Or after closing in the case of UPS.
Or, I can ship late so it falls safely within the next business week. :roll_eyes: Ain’t happenin.

I’m already waiting to be paid on business buyer orders, though it’s pretty obvious with my product lines most are not purchasing for business purposes. Now might they be tempted to leave feedback that their order did not deliver within the window they provided to Amazon?

Who comes up with these ‘improvements’? What good is it for us or the buyer? A false promise.

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Someone trying to justify that their job is needed. 99% of sellers will just ignore it.

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I find it interesting that these hours just suddenly appeared, with no explanation from Amazon as to why, or what - if anything - we’re expected to do with them.

We could deduce that they mean - you’re supposed to try and get the item delivered during these times - but if that’s a new thing (a ridiculous one), shouldn’t someone let us know?

I suspect it might be a CYA thing for Amazon, or at least a ‘blame the seller’ thing. A couple years ago, my mail carrier told me that their contract with Amazon changed to require them to deliver a package to a business, even if the business was closed.

Of course, that’s ridiculous, because no one should leave a delivery outside a closed business at 6 pm on Friday when no one will be there to see the package until Monday morning. But that was a change to Amazon’s terms.

I recently got a UPS customer return back and the Amazon label had something similar printed on it - ‘leave if closed’.

So maybe these new hours are an attempt to specify acceptable delivery times, so they can blame us with a ‘we told them when to get it there’ but it’s hard to know since there’s no explanation with the hours, no instructions to explain why they’re suddenly there or what, if anything, we’re supposed to do with the information.

And then, of course, the obvious - we have no way to control the carrier and when they will deliver - issue.

Stupid Amazon. :roll_eyes:


I have been seeing this for about a month.

I have been ignoring this for about a month.


Me too. It is so ridiculous.