"Buy 2 or More, save 5% Discount By Amazon" - Who pays?

Are things like this the “promotional discounts” that I see Amazon subtracting from my revenue from time to time?

Why do they do this, and how do we regain control of our own pricing, given that this was done without our knowledge or authorization?


Generally speaking, such subtractions (at least in our experience) are typically eventually credited back to our SoA (‘Amazonese’/‘Amazonish’ for “Selling on Amazon”) Accounts in accordance with the published policy (vaguely) explained by the SHC (“Seller Help Content” in ‘Dogtamerese’) page “Discounts Funded by Amazon” @ https: //sellercentral.amazon.com/help/hub/reference/202170300 - and/or are attributable to various Free Shipping Promotions offered to this or that member of the Buyer Community in the same vein by Amazon itself.

When the seasoned and savvy forum veterans first made aware of this paradigm, almost ten years ago, we created an internal software solution to keep track of whether or not Amazon was correctly using its double-entry bookkeeping system in order to evade its responsibility for such offers - and I’ve yet to see more than a few spurious instances that it has not (all of which were quickly rectified once our people opened a short, succinct, & bullet-pointed case pointing out the misstep).


Various reimbursements from Amazon can take 90 days, or slightly more. If you wish to do so, you can audit this, and if you’re missing reimbursements after 120 days from the order date, you can open a case regarding it.

Other than that, there’s no use worrying about this, because you have no control over it (and you will NOT get control over it).


We need an emoticon for “Ironic shrug”!!