Buy Shipping through Walmart evolving?

I haven’t looked to see if it’s available for me yet, seems like it’s not there for everyone.

AND gotta look for bulk shipping options. Buying it one at a time…well, my time has value too.


Is this the program FedEx Advantage Program for Marketplace Sellers?

Or something different? This one is available for all sellers.
Time is indeed money, the only problem with this one is that if you have negotiated FedEx rates, it overrides them.

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I don’t think so. I don’t use FedEx at all…everything is USPS First class and maybe Priority if it goes over 16 ounces.

I will read through that link you shared though

I just went to ship my items over at Walmart and I don’t have an option to buy shipping (yet).



I just got this email a couple of minutes ago.
Apparently it is supposed to work with USPS as well as FedEx.

ETA: There is nothing here about INR protections, but that may come later.


I will keep looking for it, as of yesterday, I didn’t have the option. So I can’t compare prices etc.

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Screenshot 2023-03-28 102553

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I have a large order that needs to go out, so I thought I’d chat and ask…

Went with Signature confirmation and sent the customer an email stating to expect this in order to protect their purchase from the post office losing it.