Buyer message system glitch...Or just me?

Had a customer email about an INR and I responded with the INR template to start an A2Z. The customer must not have gotten my message (which was posted in the message thread) and emailed 2 more times. I tried sending the template again, but now for some reason it will not post/update to the thread like I have never emailed back.

I tried sending 3 or 4 times and it still showed that it needed to be answered. I finally just hit No Response Necessary. It was cleared out from Needing to be answered.

I am a bit worried that this is going to cause a couple of issues, one with the A2Z b/c it may show that I didn’t respond to the customer’s newest message. I also am wondering if Amazon has now sent the customer 3-4 emails replies that may piss him off further.

Is anyone else having this issue? Do you think that it may be because I sent the exact same email in response to his second and third consecutive emails?

We haven’t seen any issues; however, we haven’t had to do any today.

Are you using the “New” email system or the “Old” email system? Amazon is doing to the email system something similar to what they did with the old forum. The old system use to keep all replies to the customer’s email in linear format so, if a customer had more than one order, you would be able to review all past history with the customer. The new email system appears to be keeping all replies to the order in linear format so all past communication with a returning customer is not viewable unless you look up each order. Problem we saw on our last play around on the new format was that the older orders were not pulling up to view communications. On top of that, Amazon announced that orders over 2 years will know longer be accessible (can’t remember the start date but coming). This seems to go hand and hand with how the new email is being designed.

Where ever Amazon is currently playing with code there are always the glitch signs that appear.

So, here’s an update and hopefully will help others if they come across the same issue. I wrote a completely new email asking the customer if they had been receiving my previous emails and it went through just fine.

So apparently Amazon now does not let you copy and paste the same email in response to new customer inquires :woman_shrugging: This is news to me. Never had a problem before today.

Here is the sequence of emails…

1st email…went through just fine…

Then received two emails in a row immediately after sending my response and tried sending INR instructions again w/a copy paste…tried to do this 3-4 times (also, tried switching over to the “new” experience in this one after 2 attempts in the old that wouldn’t save my response.) Still wouldn’t post.

Marked the emails, No Response Needed at that point. Then decided to try a new email that was different from the first to see if that would go through…

This went through just fine.

*Note to self, no more copy and paste of the same response.

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We copy and paste our basic templates into repeating requests like this; however, we do change the intro lines to reflect the reason for the repeat template info and the ending lines to reaffirm the reason for re-sending.

They have gone through doing that in the past … but will make note of what you have experienced should our system not work in the future.


Hi @JustHere4TheComments (and @Lost_My_Marbles and all), just wondering if the copy/paste issue has continued and whether others have also experienced this? Thanks!

We haven’t experienced any issues of copy/paste templates into messaging. Note (however) that we have not been using the new message GUI. We dislike that fact that returning customers with past communications can no longer be viewed as one email thread with the new incoming order related messages.

After experiencing NSFE as beta, we are sitting back waiting before jumping onto this new email GUI.

It may be similar to the work around copy/paste we did in NSFE responses to be able to add Help Page links into replies … but we will have to wait and see.