Can a listing violation deactivate account?

Can a listing violation with low impact get your account deactivated?

We got a listing violation for an ASIN in which a customer did not read the full details and ordered the product and said he received an International version, while actually, it is the International version that is listed clearly on the ASIN.

Amazon tried to give us the option to either appeal and get the listing reactivated or admit that it was a mistake, but we decided to appeal and it was rejected.

And we got an email saying that if we do submit the required information, our listing will remain inactive and our account might be deactivated.

Will our account be deactivated?

Because we no longer wish to continue submitting the correct documents and appeals are rejected, we just want to go about our normal business and leave that particular listing blocked

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Unlikely, unless you do this often or have other significant violations.
It is a phrase meant to have you take the situation seriously.


We just want to stop selling the ASIN, because I feel even if it is reinstated, other dumb customers will keep reporting the same mistake, so the best option I did was to create a removal order, and remove the other inventory remaining at FBA warehouse


No, This is our first listing violation

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Definitely do a removal, if Amazon will allow.


I mean never say no, all depends on your over account health and violation history.

You should be ok, but act on it and correct it


Yes, They allowed me to do a removal, should I also delete the listing totally from my catalog

This is the safest thing to do. Closing it ONLY you can still get violations on it


I have acted with all documentation, buy you know the typical Amazon
My issue is a complicated one, a customer order a product and said it is the International version of that product, while it is definitely the International asin and not US ASIN version.
So we have done all we can, we just decided to stop selling it totally

Customers never bother to read, LOL

Just as @Pepper_Thine_Angus said:

  1. Never assume with amazon

  2. Regardless of whether you remove the listing (which you should and delete from your inventory as well) - you should follow all SOP’s according to what amazon asks.

  3. Writing appeals is more of an art with extensive policy references. You have to first figure out why they gave you a violation to appeal in the first place. There are two general approaches of which I usually approach it from the second vantage point.

a. You can list a broad range of policy violations and find that you were in compliance through and through - which may work but most likely will not

b. Find the one specific itty bitty possibility of a potential violation (usually indirect) and address it and admit fault with extensive reference to policy.

See if this thread helps you:



Hello Fellow Sellers, Since I am not able to successfully appeal, will it disappear after 180 days ?
Because I keep getting the same reply of information submitted as to be not what they want.
Will it disappear after the 180 days even without successfully appealing?
The impact on my account health is low and it just removed 2 points ?

Hello Sellers,

Please whoever has experienced this, what should I choose?

Since I no longer wish to continue with the listing, and I have tried my best to appeal, should I acknowledge it?
If I do not acknowledge and just ignore Amazon’s response, will the violation still disappear after 180 days?
What is the best advice here ?

I have a feeling that acknowledging this will have a side effect on our account

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It was a listing violation, and they said, “your account may be deactivated”.

Now the question here is that, if I leave it and do not respond without any other violations, will it disappear after 180 days, or do I have to acknowledge for my time to start counting?

Sorry I read that wrong. The screenshot you posted does imply that only the listing will be deactivated.


Have you had a listing violation or any minor policy violations before ?

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My guess is you acknowledge it, it will disappear after 180 days. Sorry completely read the notice wrong. I need coffee.


Yes, read my thread that I posted above.

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