"Can OA continue?" NSFE Topic Today

@Tvoi, @bookwormapril, @dwat0870 and @Picks_by_Nisha put up the good fight against the scabs of the marketplace.

Well done IMO.


ForumWarrior -"You have no experience with OA or RA, why give advice about it? "

Makes me want to channel my inner Steven Hofstetter to paraphrase “I don’t need to be a pilot to see a helicopter in a tree, and know that someone F-ed’ up.”


I was hoping someone would throw out there…
“RA/OA only works when the consumer is duped into thinking they are buying legitimately sourced items”

"…when the consumer is duped into thinking they are buying legitimately sourced items”

But how does a brand owner and manufacturer address these “used as new” sellers? It seems that they are able to lie and satisfy whatever requirements Amazon makes, and once they are selling, it is futile to report them, as Amazon takes no action against them.

What is the proper “complaint process” here? Why do so many people call this “hijacking” when it is simply someone who cannot provide “proof of sourcing”? Why do 3rd-party companies claim to be able to do this “immediately” (for a fee), yet Amazon frustrates making this kind of complaint with boilerplate nonsense that masks the actual reply (“we only care about lowest price, and people stealing out of dumpsters will offer the lowest price, to hell with your reputation for quality.”)

If you have the money you do it this way.

First Sale Doctrine Fails to Free Unauthorized Online Retailer from Infringement Claims.

Based on the sheer volume of numbers of people complaining on the forums about not getting their receipts accepted for suspension, this statement cannot be completely accurate. The key component RA/OA sellers talk about is those brands who don’t care.


I guess I’m just stupid - what’s the correct “report” option for used as new?

Not as described


“Item Not as Described” in ‘Amazonese,’ “INAD” in ‘Forumese’ (and in ‘SASsese’ if I get my druthers).

“USAN” (“Used Sold As New” in ‘Forumese’) has not passed directly into Amazon’s lexicon as did INAD lo those many, many moons ago - but ever since our well-missed friend Shelf’s original USAN tutorial (posted in Q4 of 2018; citational references available upon request), the available evidence suggests that employees ensconced in the Tier 2 & Tier 3 levels of Amazon’s SeSu (“Seller Support”) infrastructure will typically recognize what one means in bandying that term.

And is it correct for the seller, or the buyer who placed the test buy order to make this complaint?

We believe the process would be to return the item with the reason “Item not as described”.

As a seller, do not leave feedback or a review.

Then, report using the “Report a violation” tool as a test buy giving the order and that the “Item not as described”.

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