Can you downgrade your MakerPlace account?

I still have a month to go on the free Pro Account, but with no sales yet, I am thinking I am going to have to switch to the basic one.

I would think you can email support for an answer. They have been mostly responsive to my inquiries.

Who knows how this venue will fare. I had 13 orders early on. Then 5-6 weeks with crickets until last night I got an order for 2 items. :man_shrugging:

Here is the support page with the info:


You may cancel your Professional Plan Membership at any time by changing your seller plan settings in the Finances section of your seller dashboard or by contacting customer care at 1-800-MICHAELS. If you choose to cancel during your free trial period, your Benefits will continue to the end of your trial period.


Yeah, I’m not getting sales, either. I’ll be switching.

From your Maker dashboard, on the left side go to Finances > Plans


Thanks @Rino and @LR72 for the details!

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