Can't handle the truth

The polls recently included a follow up form which asked the seller to explain the vote made in the poll. For some reason, Amazon has discontinued that.

When invited to explain my vote, I offered cogent and expicit business advice. It was good advice, IMHO, including the part about tarring and feathering certain employees.


Having to have someone read the responses costs $


??? … our last one still had the follow up form …

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Interesting. Ours still had the follow up box as recently as earlier this week, but it was not there after answering today’s poll.

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No comment box for me today, either. I intentionally chose “neither” to test. :thinking:

Previously, “neither” did produce a box.

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The poll box was back for us today, with an available 250 characters to type.

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The box with comments still appears on my Windows10/Chrome system, but not on my Ubuntu/Firefox.