Can't Search on my items?

Not sure what happened or what I’m doing wrong.

But my Walmart Seller Central changed just a tad…but I was too busy with Amazon and then on the road.

Today, I can’t “search” on anything in Seller Central.

I KNOW that Walmart is pickier…you have to get the words in the right order (where Amazon’s search doesn’t seem to care).

But I couldn’t even get something to come up by searching on say “red” – or “purple”…

Same with me. - It is kind of worthless.

The search is based on the ENTIRE Item Name.

So if your product are consistently named, then there is a tad of use, I guess.
Like below, you can search for Gadget and Gadet 1/4, Gadet 1/8 or Dodads, but that is about it.

Gadget 1/4" Purple
Gadget 1/4" Red
Gadget 1/8" Blue
Dodad Blue
Dodad Green

If your SKUs are organized, then that might be a better search field.

is this something new?

I didn’t used to be that way.

If I put in just “purple”-- I would get all titles with purple.

If I put in “red purple” – I would get all titles with “red purple” but it had to be in that order.

On Amazon I’d get all listings that had red + purple whether they were together or not.