Can't set up prime exclusive discount "Suppressed. Ineligible disbursement reserve policy"

Trying to set up a prime exclusive discount. Some of my listings are throwing a “Suppressed. Ineligible disbursement reserve policy” error at me. I’m not exactly sure what is causing this error and how to fix it. I don’t have an account reserve at all.

I did a support case who told me " The error is with regards to the change your invoiced order payment settings of Pay by Invoice. Please change this setting to 7 days. " giving me the link to change/update it, but I checked my settings and it is set for the correct 7 day setting.

It also doesn’t make sense why it’s not every listing getting the error, so I feel like it’s a listing setting and not an account setting? Some of the listings are scheduled for sale, not all of them say suppressed. Looking over my listings and don’t see anything that I could change. Any ideas?

I have given up on Prime Exclusive discounts. They are such a pain to set up. Always getting rejected for this or that. I like Promotions and Coupons.

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Yea but if you want to participate in Prime Day for real and get the badge for the deal, you have to.

@ModernSwitch - This is very strange and one of the few problems we haven’t had. I would try adjusting that 7 day date to something else, waiting a day and switch it back to 7 days and then try again.

This thing has glitch written all over it.

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You convinced me to try again. When should we set it up to be ready for Prime Day? Better yet, when is Prime Day?


Prime Day is July 11th / 12th. There’s a buzz that this year’s event may be 3 or 4 days long…

We have already set our deals up for Prime Day. When you go into the Prime Exclusive Deals to set one up there’s a check box to indicate it’s a Prime Day Deal.

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Can we set it up closer to the event? Say, set it up on July 5 to run on July 10-15?

You cannot. Since the date hasn’t been published yet that check box covers sellers for whenever the event is and for however long they plan to run it. It’s dynamic…

I would advise to set your deals up right now just in case there’s an issue to resolve which almost always happens with a slight price adjustment to meet the criteria or something else.

Amazon generally does not always email when there’s an issue so the day after you set your deals up, go back into that workflow to ensure all is good. A couple years ago we checked on our listings first thing on Prime Day and some of them were not running. Went back into the workflow and found and corrected the error. The good news is they did go up pretty quickly after the adjustment. Lesson Learned & Shared!

It’s incredibly dumb that you can set a deal up and it will say verified and an hour later, it isn’t…

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Prime day has always been a mess and yet like a dog that returns to its vomit I try again every time :joy:

Always all kinds of hiccups and bugs and handmade promotion has dwindled over the past few events (mostly either promoting non handmade items or general “small business”) for awhile they said they would have a coupon landing page and so I did a mix of both coupons and prime exclusive discounts. However last time they didn’t even make a coupon page for handmade :woman_facepalming:

Prime exclusive discounts has always had issues especially with the whole list price suppression issue that started last year (your item has to be recently sold within I believe the last 90 days at the list price or it is suppressed)

There usually is some kind of deadline email sent out saying get your deals entered by xxx and get your inventory in by xxx and I’m not sure if I missed these emails or not, because I could have sworn they go out a month or two before prime day? I just happened to check and saw I could set one up in prime exclusive so figured I best get to it before I forget.

No idea if my inventory will make it in time since I wasn’t sending in any fba inventory when I was having issues with the inform banking verify bs. Crossed that bridge and I’m completely verified now and have a big box packed up and shipping out today.