"Changed My Mind" - Time for Restocking Fee?

The comment from the customer is “Changed my mind”. So I get to eat outbound and return shipping for that?

Seems that I have no way to charge any restocking fee for a return if it is in “good condition”, so how to deal with the shipping for FBM products returned in this cavalier manner?

on the return shipping, you can charge back. There is a check box for that.


Personally, I’d rather they be honest than pick a lie of a seller-faulted reason and ding my VOC on the item. And amazon doesn’t really have good reasons to pick from. There’s no way to pick

eh…it’s nice but just not gonna work for me
not quite what I had in mind
a bit smaller than I thought in person
the party I was bringing this too got cancelled
i was drunk shopping

It’s easy for me to say though, because my shipping costs aren’t bad (3oz packages). If I were eating $20 on both-ways shipping I might think differently about it.

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I would just let it go. If you try to charge them for shipping they might decide to change their return reason when they complain to Amazon. “I clicked the wrong option by mistake”

Since it’s a buyer faulted reason they may have been made aware when they did a return that there could be a charge. I’ve been here over 10 years & deducted the return shipping for first time. Been over 3 weeks no bad feedback yet :crossed_fingers:
But it’s up to you whether it’s worth it.


I don’t like deducting for buyer-faulted reasons because it feels like punishing honesty.

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I get that, but as a Buyer, I calculate any potential return costs in my decision…but I’m not the typical Buyer.