Checking of the Karens

No offense to anyone here named Karen, it’s not my site. :wink: HOWEVER - in case you weren’t already aware of it, there is a nifty website called karencheck dot com where you can type in a customer’s ID and it will show you their review history.

It is occasionally helpful. For instance, I have an older lady giving me a bit of a spin about her order - thinking it was something it clearly is not. Hit karencheck and she left a 3-star POSITIVE review for a previous order. Her order was very small and inexpensive, so that’s an immediate cancel and refund for me - not taking the chance.


Yes, BEFORE I got kicked out of an Etsy group on Facebook (for saying they need to be more responsible for their own actions – probably in a not so nice way), they would talk about that alot.

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Oh those FB groups (and Reddit, TBH) are the devil. Lots of “stand your ground” and “stick to your policies!” nonsense. Oh and the replies to messages - good gravy. Not much customer service going on there, which hurts everyone. But boy they don’t like to hear it.

I am a lucky man, who also selects merchandise in a way I need not check for Karens.

Maybe 1 or 2 high maintenance customers per year.

Maybe if I was hungrier I would not be able to avoid them.

As for FB groups, many are even less attractive than Karens.

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You are lucky indeed. I rarely have high-maintenance Etsy customers (thank goodness).

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I have a high maintenance customer right now who figured out how to find me and talk to me. Its been kinda funny to work with her.

On the bright side…she’s buying something I don’t even have listed and “need to get rid of” because it’s a mistake in color. A pretty color…but I’m going going down that road because dying lace is a hit or miss. Then she sent me a text last night at 1 am with her decision. It’s a good sized order. This morning I texted her back and said “I didn’t get an email” and so she called. I didn’t even get to my first cup of coffee. She said “Add $50 to the bill because you’ve been so kind.” – I will, but I will send her something in return…

I love when I can turn an angry customer around…


who does that?!?

I think I get a call once a week…no big deal to me. I know not everyone likes it…but it is what it is and usually turns into a good sale, so it’s ok.