[CNBC] A big climate change stress test is coming for Amazon sellers and suppliers

Third-party sellers and suppliers — especially smaller ones — face a paradox as the climate mandates arise and become increasingly tougher. Even if they’re eco-conscious, many say they don’t have the resources to meet the tracking and reporting demands.

Can you imagine the posts from the foreign OA sellers asking how to track their suppliers carbon footprints?

Can you imagine the Thrift store sellers asking this question?


NOTE: This is not a comment on reduction of carbon footprints, political actions, political opinions, etc. This is literally a comment on how impossible this mandate is going to be to properly enforce by Amazon. Political comments, carbon footprint reduction bashing and/or generally considered off topic/hot button comments will be removed.


I predict a future diatribe from the usual suspects.

Liw, that’s your cue…

The article is saying that direct suppliers to Amazon will have to disclose those things. It’s unlikely they’ll hold 3P sellers to that. If they do all they’re doing is asking everyone to pull some numbers out of their azz, put it into a format accepted by Amazon, and submit it so Amazon can pretend all those products are ‘green’

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OMG this is insane!

First let me make this clear, and some of you may know this based on my postings. I am “Yankee Frugal” the region not the team.

We plan everything we manufacture, most of our waste is sawdust, that my daughter who has a painting company, uses to dispose of waste paint.

Our two week disposal of non recyclable items fits in a 55 gallon drum. That is picked up by the local “trash” company and is burned to make energy.

Our company car is an electric smart car. We have now had two of these for about 9 years. The first year of service, it ran on, trash, coal, natural gas and nuclear energy. Since then the state has phased out coal. It cost us 3-5 cents a mile.

A Newspaper on the coast of our great state did a story about our waste stream. By weight it is way less than 1% of the product we sell, on Amazon, other channels and our own websites.

I would share the story with you but it was pre internet news, and I put the paper in the recycle bin!

I just posted about seeing 20 Amazon tractor trailers on a local customer mission we had. Many were on the side of the road, idling while the drivers slept.

Not even going to go near the third party TBA trucks, that drive round and round our town with no plan at all. One of the drivers told us the map from Amazon they have has no relation to the real world.

Give me a break.


If 3P sellers are subject to the reporting, it will solve a variety of problems which stem from too many 3P sellers. Might even clear up the FTC antitrust action. There will be fewer 3P sellers. Not only the create a brand to sell on Amazon sellers, but unauthorized sellers of major brands.

Not going to talk about good or bad or the politics, this is a business issue of barriers to entry. These folks can probably sell on their own and on other private websites, but large public companies will be closed to them.


Ahhhhhhhhhh, one of my favorite subjects. :roll_eyes:

We already have climate friendly badges on all of our listings. That should be good enough. :laughing:

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