[CNBC] Amazon will allow auto dealers to sell cars on its site, starting with Hyundai

Can’t wait for the inevitable scams

Yes, free returns!
Extra long holiday return period!
Buy a Sonata, return a lemon (and I do mean the fruit). Profit!

Hyundai, Hyundai…
and Yugo, too.
They’re really cheap,
but on the road,
they’re doggy-do…

(Abject apologies to any surviving members of the Mommas and the Poppas, which narrows down to Michelle Phillips and Jill Gibson, as Momma Cass died in '74)


They have been doing this on Kindle ads for several months.



Can I claim I didn’t receive it and then sell it to my chop shop buddy behind Citi Field? :laughing: :laughing: :wink:

I’ve always dreamed of a new car under my Christmas tree. I’m sorry to tell Amazon that I tire of them very quickly. Usually a couple weeks at that time of year…


Seriously, neither the article nor the press release say, but will the A-to-z Guarantee be in operation?

How will dealerships sell their car loans?

Who is processing the payment: Amazon or the local dealer?

How will test drives work?


I really don’t get why these stocks got hit from yesterday’s announcement, unless people are jumpy and/or ignorant. Amazon’s deal is

  1. ONLY with Hyundai, and
  2. ONLY new cars (not used, not pre-owned, not program).

So all car buying consumers gonna flock to Amazon?
Nope. Buying a brand new vehicle–no matter the method or venue, or make–is rarely the smartest choice.

I just bought my first brand spanking new 9 miles on the odometer 2 of which I put myself - so far so good; in the current car market where used cars are selling at a premium the brand new car market is actually the smarter choice (inventory availability) - plus the extra warranties etc just make it easier for routine maintenance. Just a thought.

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We still call it Shea - there are even tee shirts to that effect. But the chop shops are slowly disappearing, as the area gentrifies. I even invested in a fine french cuisine restaurant 3 blocks away to attract the pre-game and post game crowds - I named it "Chez Stadium"

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If Steve Cohen has his way (doubt it will happen), that area is really going to change…

I’m sure you’ve seen his plan to develop the entire area around Citi (Shea)…

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What does the dealer get out of this? Other than less money I mean.

Can’t wait for the forum questions – how can I list my car for sale.

Can’t wait for them to put used cars on the same detail page as new ones, and have people file item not as described claims when they don’t read the product condition notes.

Wonder if the sellers of Match Box Cars will now be able to offer auto loans on Amazon?

So does this mean if you get suspended by Amazon your car navigation and services won’t work?

Depending on the reason for the suspension Amazon might just take control of the navigation systems and GPS and say ‘Turn Here’. It can save a LOT more time than ‘appeal denied’ takes…

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