Competitive Pricing / Buy Box Suppression Question

Some of our items are having the buy box hidden from the product page due to “competitive pricing” issues. However, we are the ONLY company that sells our branded parts (we are brand registered FYI). However, somebody selling essentially the same part (not our brand) has it listed for cheaper on Walmart.

Now, a rational person would say you can’t compare two similar items with different brands and penalize us for that. But that’s what’s happening.

Any suggestions or just FML?

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I have not experienced quite that situation.
However, I have seen buy box suppression if I moved a price on something by more than $1 at a time before.

So if you have lately changed the price on your product, perhaps if you put it back to where it was before and then after a few days, start inching it to where it should be only changing like 50 cents per day.

I’ve also run into issues a few years ago where I was selling a bundle of multiple Items but amazon gave me issues that they were expecting my complete kit to be priced as a single of just one of the items in the kit which really didn’t work for me.

Yeah, I have run into that before. But this is purely a competitor (Walmart to be specific) price comparison. Also, we are the only sellers on our listing.

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I’ve always been the only seller on my listings too.

Stupid. Bots.

I don’t think there’s any support that can undo bot nonsense.


Surprisingly, we did not get royally f’d on this last bill. Maybe $10 in charges.

However, $77 in audit fees somehow.

You are kinda SOL.
The bots are both all stupid and all powerful.

You can try lowering your price until it reactivates, then raising your price gradually over time, but this doesn’t always work.

Unfortunately, this is not a relevant factor. The bots that determine the BB price range do not care how much competition there is on an item.

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We will have this happen if our list price is lower than our offer price. Not saying this is the case for you, but wanted to mention it just in case…

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Thanks for the heads up. I have say with 99.9% certainty I know the exact item they are price comparing on Walmart as the price is very unique and very cheap.

However, its not “our” brand. Just a generic cheap one.

When Amazon considers it the same product, regardless of being a different brand, you are SOL.



You are most likely correct. However, it just seems so asinine. Two aftermarket parts will both have the same partslink number but could be entirely different qualities depending on the manufacturer of that part.

Amazon making a 1:1 comparison is insane to me.

In any case, I begrudgingly opened a support case. I will update with what will invertible be an answer that either does not understand my situation or tells me to kick rocks.


The answer was to enroll in automated pricing. Excuse me while i bend over.

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Wonder, if after a couple of days, you could turn off automated and get control back ??? :thinking:

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Ill play around with lowering/raising the price see if that does anything.

The really s****y part is that that other walmart offer is now gone. That very low priced part does not even exist anymore. Yet my BB still suppressed for my branded item. Its all crazy

Shot in the dark.
If this is a FBA item, and you can FBM (even temporarily), then add a condition and try to price that one higher.


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I have had this problem.

Gotten nowhere with this.

The solution is find another place to sell off of Amazon. This company is so incompetent and is destroying the marketplace.

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I have been price alerted for a similar-not-same item, used, on eBay.

Amazon’s pursuit of delighting customers is not hampered by facts.


Well boys, soon we will find out what happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force.

I shall persist.


As an update to those that care/ may run into the same issue.

I won. It took about a month. Had to re-open the cases again, and again and again. Had to reach out to the NSFE. Lastly, once you re-open the case enough times you get the chat operator. I think this was the most helpful to the case being resolved.

For reference, I have confirmation (from at least one chat operative) that brand should 100% be taken into consideration in regards to price matching off-Amazon. In our case since we are the only seller of this brand I was asked to provide a link to the part on our website. After that, it was resolved. We are now the featured offer again.

1 down. many to go.