Compliance issue

I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue and found a work around. A product I carry was pulled for “Food and Product Safety Issues” I had uploaded the documents long before this and was approved, so I appealed and uploaded the documents again. It was declined because the testing was a few months over 1 year. Fine I resubmitted the item for testing and uploaded that. I get a response the product was recalled which it wasn’t. This goes back and forth about 4 times upload / recall, but now I am getting a response that tells me to use the manage your compliance dashboard to submit the tests. The problem is there is no request for them, I have shown screenshots and added the approval case number but the response is always to use the MYC dashboard now. I have been stuck in this loop for about 3 weeks now.

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Had this same problem with another item a few weeks ago.

I basically told seller support that they keep changing the reason every time I comply with their previous excuse. what is the actual issue?

Got through to someone that realized, yep bot gone wild again. But SS would rather just send another form letter to you


Almost 2 months with this issue now, keeps going around in circles. Whenever I think there is a breakthrough and someone is actually reading my responses we get a week delay and then redirected the MYC dashboard. I am about to my head through a wall! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Every day that passes makes it less likely that anyone will act on your exception to the bot’s behavior.

Amazon has always been poor at exception handling. And that means exceptions from what the bot does, not what the policy is.

Be it health and safety issues, or suspected IP violations, the longer the bots run and close listings, the less likely it is to get them reinstated, or even read.

Every exception costs Amazon money. Amazon fees on many of the items which are pulled may not total, over a year, the cost of a support rep having to spend the time to reinstate the listings, so they ignore your case.

Amazon may generate significant revenue for a seller but cannot be relied upon.

I know I have dealt with it in the past. About 6 years ago I had a 9 month battle with Amazon over a laser tag game, and kept asking me for laser testing documents but they couldn’t understand it wasn’t an actual laser. Eventually they understood the issue that laser was just a term for the game, still infuriating. These bot are really out of control now.

Its likely that if the listing is still active, it will be taken down again, only this time it will take longer or even forever to reinstate.

I had this happen with some other restrictions, and got the listings reinstated with Susan’s (Seamod) help. They were taken down again 3 months later, and this time my cases were ignored.