Compliance requests for items no longer in inventory

Starting over the weekend, we have started to receive compliance requests for items we deleted from our inventory weeks ago. So far, they have been disappearing after we appeal and state that info. I’m just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this or has any idea why.

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Been happening for many months.

I either delete the listings or do not bother.

Seems to be mostly harmless.


It’s just annoying. A couple of weeks ago, I spent a couple days going through our inventory, deleting old listings that we won’t be getting back in stock. Some of these old listings have really good reviews which could make them a target for hijacking, so I wanted to clear them out to get ahead of any potential issues. But now I have the issue of Amazon asking for documentation for deleted listings and having to take the time to appeal each one, letting them know it has already been deleted.


This is strange. Closed listings, out of stock listings, inactive listings–yes. But deleted listings?

Maybe the bot is running on an outdated database? :thinking:

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Just because you have deleted a listing does not mean Amazon has deleted it.

Deleted detail pages may remain in the marketplace for months or years. And many sellers never know unless they use the Add a Product search, since the default on the buyer side search is to not show pages without inventory.

As for what the enforcement bot chooses to do, it is clearly set to slap as many hands as possible.

Indeed - and with the advent of the GEI (“Global Expansion Initiative” in ‘Dogtamerese’) having unplugged the dik_e [sic: Discourse pre-programmed filter balk] for such loopholes as the infamous (and still-ongoing, despite the purported best efforts of the CCU after nearly a billion dollars being thrown at such problems) “Keyword Sabotage” phenomenon, lack of access to the Brand Registry 2.0 Program’s “Scour ALL Global Marketplaces” functionality, via the RaV (“Report a Violation”)Tool, presents additional difficulty.

Agreed. Sledgehammers, not scalpels or flyswatters, are quite-demonstrably the norm.


Of course, the filter fails to look for the proper spelling. I love the way the English language is shrinking. Must be artificial intelligence at work, since human intelligence also is shrinking.