Count every unit of bulk removal order. So you don't regret like me :-(


Last September, I had a few bulk removal orders to lean out my FBA inventory before the 3x storage fee kicked in from Oct - Dec. One of them was 200 units of an oversize item. It came in 3 pallets. I didn’t count it (big mistake). Now I started to repackage and send them back just to find out that about 60 units were missing :frowning: I checked the remove order on Seller Central. It showed that all 200 units got shipped in 3 pallets. No more are coming. I guess there is nothing I could do, right? I should have counted and not blindly trust Amazon. Lesson learned.

Never ever.
I’m sorry that you learned this lesson the hard way. I hope they weren’t too expensive.

Many years ago in retail grocery … it was noted that the biggest factors in inventory shrinkage were vendor deliveries and employees rather than theft from customers. Vendors would present boxes marked as twelve but would only contain ten. If you didn’t open the box and check, then you were subject to shrinkage. Word would get around that you were the one who opened and checked boxes and so there were less attempts of shorting the boxes.

To this day, we count everything that is in coming (which can be painful when you get a box of 10,000 units but it pays off in the long run).


and not blindly trust Amazon.

It bears repeating. Never ever, ever.

Don’t forget that Amazon benefits Amazon because they have tricked convinced people TO trust them. Just look at the Buy Box, for instance. Amazon says - this is the best offer for you, and shoppers buy it.

Is it the best offer for them? Probably not. But shoppers blindly trust that Amazon won’t steer them wrong, and as a result, Amazon steers them into all sorts of things that benefit Amazon (to the customer’s detriment) and they all go happily along for the ride.

Never, ever, ever trust Amazon.

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