Customer Return question

Customer Return question

Before posting I read Amazon’s Manage Returns policy under Seller Central which says:

  • Most items purchased on can be returned for a refund or replacement within 30 days of the estimated delivery date.

…and was also thinking that the customer had until the end of the estimated return (because of what policy says)

However, it does not state that under the Order detail page.

This is from KJ_Amazon:

My Response…

What are your thoughts?

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Pointing this out to mods, is like pointing out the rings of Saturn to a dog.

They either won’t care, or can’t comprehend it. Same outcome.

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:hushed: My first thought was “it’s 30 days from the last EDD” until I reached this part of your post.

In your two examples, what were the last EDDs? :thinking:


That is a good question; here is an order I placed May.


…which clearly shows the last EDD as May 30, but the return window “closed” (lol) June 23 (not June 30) because your item was delivered May 24. :thinking:

I feel like we’ve been living a lie and offering extra return dates, beyond Amazon’s actually-in-place policies.

Hoping to hear from KJ: Which is it, Amazon?!


I’m glad it is KJ, she has more experience than most and is usually good at following up; there is clearly conflicting info/policy.

I had another conflicting policy situation that I brought to Desi’s attention which she promised to look into and get back to me, but she never followed through, I kept reminding her but eventually gave up.

Under Amazon’s Report a Violation Policy page, it states that when reporting abuse you must include Supporting documentation, but there is no attachment option so the case just gets closed.

and after that :cricket: :cricket: :cricket:

The first time I archived one of KJ’s posts along this line was this one, made in late Jun`23 in reply to two of the long-time forum vets, here:

As you yourself have taken pains to point out in the NSFE recently, there does seem to be a sea-change in the works.

The available evidence of recent years seemingly suggest that KJ is among the most-assiduous FMT members on a variety of scores; let us hope that proves out in this circumstance…



My other thought, if it is 30 days for the EDD, what happens when a customer receives a package late, say it gets lost or delayed in transit and arrives days after the EDD? From Receipt makes a lot more sense.

On a side note… I :heart::heart: your new Profile Pic.


AKA we have been told we are not allowed to have independent thoughts or advise ANYTHING cause that could be used against Amazon legally.

AKA Kate has taken away all ability for us to do anything other then moderate, and now our inside contacts to get things done are gone too. If “Generic” became a locked brand again today, nothing could happen.



But the 15 day transit time is NOT ENFORCED. Sellers have lost AtoZ’s, and RFS’s have fired off well past 15 days


FTFY! :slightly_smiling_face:


What are your thoughts?

Back in the old days, KJ was nice enough to look up the definitive answer to this, and give us a clear-cut definition of Amazon’s “return window”. The answer is -

  • Buyers have 30 days from the latest estimated delivery date to request a return.
  • Once the return is requested, they have an additional 15 days to send the item back. Note: I believe it is 15 days to get the item on its way, not 15 days to get it back in your possession.

So there are two countdown clocks in play.

  • Final EDD + 30 days to make the request to return
  • 15 days from date request is made to send the item back

Failure to follow either of these means the buyer is ‘outside of the return window’.


When you click the ‘View order details’, does it show you a different delivery window? I don’t shop on Amazon, so am not sure how this looks. It looks to me like the Arriving May 24 - May 30 estimate is more like a carrier’s tracking estimate, rather than the dates Amazon assigned as expected delivery at the time you purchased.

Could you double-check this? You’ve got me curious now, lol.

I suspect the discrepancy could be a bot displaying the ‘return window closes on xx/xx date’ that is programmed differently (to use the actual date of delivery) than the other parts of the system that follow the process KJ laid out.

So what if the order arrives to the customer 5 days after the EDD, do they then have 25 days to open a return?

On the Order detail page, it says Receipt of order…

Screenshot 2023-07-21 2.58.46 PM

Which seems to line up with all my orders

I shop a lot on Amazon and every order I’ve checked so far shows from Receipt.


There are so many conflicting pages on Amazon it’s not funny. They also make policy changes without any notifications.

Many of us know the policy was (technically still is as documented) 30 days from delivery.
It then used to be 14 days of transit time.

Now with RFS as @Dogtamer so eloquently corrected it’s years after the request for return.

Like I said, my record for RFS is just shy of 1 year after purchase.

IANL but my understanding of contract law is any vagueness favors the entity that did not write the contract. In other words we could choose the 30 day return period from delivery …IF we could actually sue Amazon but we can’t

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So here is an interesting one.

Ordered on May 20th

Amz order confirmation email - Estimated delivery May 23 - 24th

Screenshot 2023-07-21 3.24.23 PM

Order delayed (email)

Arrived June 10th - Return window closed July 10th

If it had gone off the EDD, I would’ve had to open a return by June 24th


Yepper - I archived that 4Aug22 reply when I first ran across it on the 9th of that month:

The OSFE URL of that post @ https: // will now redirect in the NSFE to the OP’s topic-opening post, but the NSFE URL of that post is still available here:

But the problem is that our own internal Help/policy pages are inconsistent, as @Medic noted:

And KJ acknowledged.

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