Debit card!

How many teeth needed to be pulled over the years to get a mod to admit debit cards are not good :slight_smile:



Desi tried (account health, not mod) but I wouldn’t be surprised if CR needs to backtrack

I think that the CR and KJ handles have significant overlap (aka, I think they are a duad like Jessica/Wyatt), so maybe it’s not a complete accident. I do feel bad for some of the mods


This is a lot of confusion about whether debit cards are accepted.

This is because they should not be accepted, the policy says they are not accepted, and sometimes they are accepted.

Debit cards are not accepted if when Amazon does an online query through the credit card network and the card is identified as a debit card by the issuing bank.

The confusion comes from not all banks are still identifying all debit cards.

The reason for the software function is to allow merchants to take debit card money through the cheaper ATM networks, and pay a fraction of the Mastercard and Visa fees. Needless to say some smaller banks, and banks in countries which have few credit cards do not implement the proper software,

Since it is unlikely the mods or anyone in Seller Support have a clue about credit card rules or the software interfaces, one gets inconsistent answers. And Amazon policy is clear but experience does not provide a clear message.

For many months when Marilyn topped the forum leader board, we fought about this. She had used a debit card for years. Then one day, her bank made the software change, and we stopped arguing about this.

The only people involved with Amazon who share their knowledge are sellers. And most sellers get their knowledge from their experience. Seller experiences differ.


Only because they are and they aren’t.

That and because half of the lower classes, and all of Europe and Asia don’t know the difference…

And because those who have a clue, feel discriminated against - because they are second class people.

For the past 50 plus years I have had credit card lines which exceed the median US annual salary. Of course, the reason I have been granted them was the fact that I did not need them.

The greatest level of discrimination in the US is economic discrimination.


I’ll confess that I started selling with a business debit card in February of 2020 :flushed:

I always felt like a hypocrite telling people that it had to be a credit card, but I never encouraged anybody to sell with a DC. Matter of factly, I shared Desi’s post on CCs daily, and ABC_23’s (miss him, but he was done with the forums) thread on the common problems. But for the longest time, I ran the account with a DC.

When that card expired last September, I was super nervous on what would happen and if I would have a 3 month verification wait. But I’m also a big believer of “if it aint broke…”

So I added the CC on the buyer side early last year, and then on the seller side a couple months before the expiration. When October came, the DC was auto renewed, Amazon never had a hiccup. After everything transitioned smoothly I did set the CC as the principal.


I don’t think it counts as discrimination when it’s self-inflicted (being ignorant of math, finances, and credit, is sort of like getting a tattoo of a demon over your entire face).

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