Deleting a Bundle ASIN has Zero Effect on Bundled Items, Right?

I have one Bundled product which bundles two ASINs together and it’s more headache than it is worth. I want to just delete it, but want to make sure there is no effect on the ASINs included in the bundle, and they remain unharmed.

Are they actual bundles or virtual bundles?


If virtual, individual asins remain unaffected.

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Just curious on how a bundle could be a headache?

We have more bundles than we do standalone listings. Makes our store look fuller, and we sell a couple a week. Requires no maintenance once setup, unless price changes are made.

Are you having some sort of other bundle issue?

More so because we are just bad at updating it and it literally gets 0 sales. We see it constantly pop up in our Sport Report with SAS as an item weighing us down (has a lot of recommendations and is just seen as a crap ASIN).

maybe try to optimize it or just delete and work on the listings themselves


Got it.

I wouldn’t put too much stock in the Sport report. My PPC guy crumbles that report up and throws it in the trash when I send it to him.

The report looks impressive and complete but if you action the recommendations, at least in our case, it makes things worse for us and better for Amazon $. Been there / done that.

That report isn’t prepared by a person, rather wonderful AI…


Literally what I said when you first brought it up.

Touché ppc guy, touché.

so, saying just leave up the listing?

But, if I did choose to delete it, it would not delete the attached ASINs, correct?

Correct … when I use a file to just delete the parent.

Unsure … when going through Seller Central, as it’s been a long time since I did it that way. Years ago I’m thinking there was a comment that deleting the parent also deleted the children.


and its a weird setup, since the bundle doesn’t present them as children in the traditional sense, just attached ASINs.


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