DET1 backed up? Carrier had a live unload appointment time and was told to drop the trailer...

Had a truckload delivering to DET1 today… Amazon’s requesting the driver to just drop the trailer. (It’s not Amazon freight/YRC/CTII/Estes/ABF/etc…)

Anyone ever heard of this happening? I just got a call about this and of course, had to tell the freight broker that no, there’s no way of getting a contact # for that specific FC.

As far as I know, that’s still the way Amazon works. They don’t seem to have a good system for accepting/unloading trailers in a timely manner.

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And how long does Amazon intend to keep the trailer? :unamused:

Typically they’ve only done that with Amazon freight pickups or national/regional LTL carriers.

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This happens all the time. Some of their partner carriers won’t work for Amazon because of exactly this, they had too many trailers tied up in their yards.

I have a shipment sitting outside Joliet, IL MDW2 at the carriers facility for 2 weeks. They won’t even load the goods on a trailer until they get an appointment to deliver because they have so many trailers tied up. They told me a dwell time of one month in their warehouse to get an appointment is normal.

I feel for the carriers but really it’s us sellers that suffer. I try to send goods in more or less as they sell. It cuts down on FBA storage fees. I’m going to have to change that and dump some high volume goods into FBA that I don’t really need to simply because it takes so long for receipt.


This is the latest sign Amazon logistics is crumbling.

Our California warehouse can either ship to another California warehouse and wait or ship all the way to Illinois and get received quicker. No options for NV, TX or the other receive centers in between.

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Just checked. Exact same thing.

Using recommended option is 10 x the cost. Imagine that.


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It is probably related to the logistics nightmare associated with Chinese New Year and ocean freight hitting the West Coast receive centers.

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I might just take a IPI hit and ship double earlier since I have the storage capacity - the 10x $ is just ridonk

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10X? Wow your shipping sux.

Our UPS inbound cost went from $7 to $16. LTL went from $160 to $204. What are you shipping, individual bricks?


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No brics :point_left:

But to Sacramento 10 pallets cost $185 but to IN it’s saying its going to be $1079.11

This is through amazon partnered carrier LTL

Don’t think I’m doing anything wrong

Except hyperbole in your math LOL. 10 pallets anywhere for $185 does not seem right. We ship from San Bernadino to San Bernadino for $98 per pallet Amazon carrier at ~1300lb per pallet and that is great deal at $/lb.

So a shipment I sent to nearest FC seems like the delay is roughly 2 weeks out for delivery appointments to FC - the shipment was sent before any delay notifications and was supposed to be delivered on 06/09 but it seems it is scheduled for 06/21

I also set up another shipment to local FC because it wasn’t that urgent and I’m going to see how long it takes to receive. Pick up date is 6/12 so assuming it will be about 2.5 weeks out to receive with the congestion.

We’ll see