DIY home repair pays off....

Figured I would share this…

In the summer of 2021, I went to open my garage door and it was jammed. My back was in a bad way so I didn’t want to make it worse so I called a local garage door guy in. He got the door open in 2 mins, discovered one of the springs had failed and charged $474 to replace it.

The other one broke today but didn’t jam the door. Went to lowes, bought a new one for $11.50 and did it myself in under 10 mins.

Some really shady people out there folks… Sad

PS - See below for the power of these garage door springs. When the last one broke, it jammed itself in the track somehow. This one sprung back and jammed itself into the hook and eye and actually bent it and it’s pretty heavy duty steel. Couldn’t even get it out so bought a new one for $1.74.

Just bought the safety cables for it on Amazon bc they were cheaper than lowes. $14 for both sides. The jerk I had in was going to charge $50 a side for safety cables and $250 to do the other spring as a “discount”. I told him to go home. lol


Those are the easy to replace ones! I agree that’s a cheap diy project. Mine was easy because I can walk in from the house and fix.

If you have the coils over the door DO NOT ATTEMPT DIY! The tension on that type can kill.


The reason why you can’t buy those in Lowes / Hardware Stores, at least around here…


I’ve been blessed to have a father who installed garage doors for a living when he was younger. If I ever have a problem with mine, I ask him how to fix it. He is stubborn and will say, I’ll be right over…


Springs are no joke. Anything under enough tension can be scary, I know of a guy who was killed by a murphy bed…


Agreed - which is why the first prerequisite in servicing mechanical systems of this sort is to remove the tension.


Thankfully the tension is off extension springs for garage doors when the door is open…

When the first spring broke 2 years ago, half of it jammed in the track and the other half went through both sides of a Scott’s rotary fertilizer spreader I had hanging on the wall. Thankfully both incidents spared my 88 Mustang GT that sits in that garage until it’s time to have some fun. Safety wires should be here via Amazon in the next 2 hours…

Was just looking for the pic of the spreader I had but sadly it was 86’d for the sake of storage space on my phone. lol

Be well


Yepper - and it’s knowing that particular fact, among others, which sustains the fees that the Service Professionals command from those who never took a firm hold of High School Physics Instruction…

In your case - with your back out of whack, as your initial post indicates - it’s certainly understandable why you signed off on paying a pro to do the maintenance (even at the exorbitant price said Service Professionals can command in your particular Neck O’ Woods, which has a marked tendency to be more expensive for a reason).

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Last year I had a roller come off the track on my garage door. The local company was able to come out and fix it for a modest charge. When it happened a second time, it was obvious that the springs were wearing out on this old door. This time I had the springs replaced. The new springs are much more efficient and much quieter than the old ones.


So satisfactory to perform some DIY tasks. Had a brake problem and between YouTube and Amazon I found the OEM part and repaired it for $120 vs $800 at the local shop. I love my local shop and the work they do but times are getting tough. The nearest off island Ford dealer is charging $130/hour. I get this, but I’m only making about $15/hr lol. Times are tough!


I do DIY repairs when I can but sometimes I don’t have the knowledge, equipment or the time.

After the second time my garage door broke, I looked at the springs. Each end of the spring has a curl on it making a hook. The springs were so old that one of the curls was almost all the way straightened out. Very soon it was going to give and go “boing!!” and become a projectile inside the garage. I needed an experienced professional to handle the job for me.


Garage door for the shared garage at our condo. and it motor failed.

Cost for a new door, new motor using the existing control system will be $12k. That includes new covers on the moving parts now required to meet the building code.

My share is about $1400.

That’s a bargain. My mechanic is up to $135 an hour. Subaru dealership where I have my subaru serviced is $200 an hour now… It might be cheaper to have my car worked on by a lawyer at this point. LOL

The joys of living in NYC.