Do you guys renew your trademark yourself or use attorney?


My trademark is coming up for a renewal. Five years ago, I applied for this trademark and did everything myself because some people said it wasn’t complicated. Now it’s time to renew. I wonder how complicate the process is. Do you people hire or DIY? Please share your experiences/thoughts. Thanks.

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Technically, it’s a maintenance filing and not a renewal. You navigated initial registration so you should be able to do this. I always recommend using an attorney the first time, just to make sure you’ve got it. But basically, you fill out the form and pay $100.


Be aware that USPTO has recently implemented a complex and almost Amazon-like “identity verification” scheme. (, or some sort of notarized thing with a passport and a drivers license, just to log on!)

So, you may have some hurdles to jump to simply log on and file your five year “Section 8 and 9” paperwork. Hate to say it, but it might be easier to mail or FedEx the form(s) and check.

But the 5-year milestone makes your trademark “incontestable”, which gives you yet another adjective for your attorney to use when writing those infringement cease and desist letters. If you forget, your trademark is considered “abandoned”. This would be sad, as you’d have to reapply to get the mark back.


Thank you for the insight info about the increased complexity for identity verification. I haven’t gotten to that step yet. So far I could successfully created an account and browsed to find the forms. I used the search keyword “section”. You said that the paperwork that I need is “Section 8 and 9”. Is it the one in red rectangle? It’s the only one with Section 8 and 9. However it’s “Ten Year”. Is that the right one?

My bad - at 5 years, it would be 8 & 15 (use and incontestability),


We always use our attorney. We tried the first time to register a trademark and it blew up spectacularly in our faces.

Since you were able to do it yourself, I would say absolutely handle it yourself BUT:

With all of that said, if you are all buttoned up to start with, this new wrinkle most likely won’t be an issue.

Good Luck


No problem. I haven’t proceeded and waited for your confirmation. 8 & 15 (use and incontestability) it is. Thank you! :smiley:

Hi Steve,

Thanks for sharing your experience. Maybe I’ve got lucky and didn’t have any problems when trademark my brand logo. For patent, I did hired an IP lawyer.

Just cruised pass through that yesterday. Yeah it was annoying having to jump through the hoop but frankly USPTO hoops aren’t as complex as Amazon hoops that we sellers have to jump through :slight_smile: