Do you recycle images on Amazon Posts?


I’ve been using Amazon Posts for about 5 months from January to today. I noticed that amount of engagement (see the numbers in Engagement column) has decreased. I compared the 90 day rage between Jan-Mar and Mar-Jun. The black numbers are for Jan-Mar period while the red numbers are for Mar-Jun period.

Since Amazon doesn’t allow duplicate image, I wonder if I should expire the old post. So I could reuse the image (and hopefully the number of engagement would increase which in turns increase the number of sales). That’s what I meant by “recycle” images on Posts. Do you guys recycle them? What’s the best practice? Thank you.

I find Amazon (the review bots) and Amazon customers like lifestyle images best. Even if they only have a little sliver to do with the product.

I personally hate the “blob” of text that they present. Would it hurt to offer a paragraph option?

If the engagement isn’t there, it is either the picture, the text, or the picture and text that isn’t “interesting”. I wouldn’t “reuse” a post (image or text) that isn’t doing well. It would be best to reshoot that product in a different setting and completely change the text.

I also agree with Image, in my experience the more lifestyle and less product the better things perform… which is why my Instagram account is so poor. I’m an engineer through and through; I struggle with artsy presentation. My feed is just basically product photos.

They do a blob of text because you’re not really supposed to have a bunch of text. Aint nobody got time for that. :rofl:


What is the “blob” of text? I did some googling and found blog = Binary Larger Object. Umm… doesn’t sound like what you said.

Do you mean pictures with humans in them? I thought lifestyle images are pictures with products in them (no humans in the pic)

Agree. I plan to pick and choose; only use images that received high engagement scores.

Do you meaning more humans in the pictures? Interesting. All of my Amazon Posts pictures only have products. None has human. Maybe I should get a Fiverr guy to photoshop human into my product pics :sweat_smile:

Same here. I’m also full fledge engineer. It would be great if AI could generate lifestyle pic for our products :grin:

What’s a “blob of text”?

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It comes from Amazon Handmade, at one time they had no bullets, and you only had a single paragraph to describe your product. No brakes allowed, even HTML.

This is one of our most popular “Posts”

Something about a #Barn Men made this two hundred or more years ago. The earth provided the trees, those men made #hewnBeams with their hands and #primitive tools. God shed light on the barn, the barn filtered it through hand sawn planks by those men. And a woman saved the barn.⠀Terri of…

Nothing directly to do with our products, other than we are restoring a barn for our studio, office and manufacturing. Since it was a wedding venue, we link to some of our wedding products.

Notice no products and it gets the most clicks.

Another one that gets a lot of clicks, we do not have products in this image that are ours. Though we link to chalkboards similar to what is on the wall.

Continuing our #Chalkboard Tour at Twin Barns Brewery we target the #MenuBoards on the wall behind the #bar First some of the things we like, #primitive #frames #rustic looking is a nice look for inside the #barn If they had #Barnwood available that would have been a better option, but that material is not free and often hard to find…

We tour the region on weekends, in our Smart Electric Cabrio, wrapped with our brand. Since breweries are customers of ours.


Hmm… it’s creative that you used the wedding environment to lead people into your store that sells wedding products. The picture got a lot of clicks but did any get to reach the “Clicks to detail page”?

That’s cool! I didn’t know that we could use the “like kind” product to link to our products. I thought that all pictures in Posts must be our pictures Thanks for the idea :slight_smile:

Are #Chalkboard and #MenuBoards (those words in hashtag) for the search algorithm? Sorry I live in a cave and don’t use any social medias. I’ve heard about hashtag this and hashtag that but really have no idea what they’re for. My guess is that they’re for grouping and keyword search, right?


Yes, it is the best performing to the product page.

This and all the posts we do are our pictures. We just shoot this type of thing when we are out. The barn was at a family wedding. We altered the people in the brewery as needed so they are not identifiable.

Many of our products are artwork, to me, it is very interesting and one of a kind. We have hundreds of images that are combined into different products. Those don’t do as well as the two examples I showed. Especially if they include text, even though the text is handwritten in an artistic way. Just the way it works, the Amazon Bot appears to know this, and guides us to the lifestyle images.

The hastags, are because we leverage our own Instagram, Facebook and Twitter social networking. They were simply a reprint of what we have done to guide people to our own brand websites. Not sure if they do anything on Amazon Posts.

If you or any lurkers do use those social media accounts now or in the future, look into “Buffer” you can have three social media accounts and when you write something it posts to all of them. Again, leverage if you are going to do the work, you may as well get something out of it.