Do your freight forwarders have a hard time trying to get an Amazon appointment to deliver shipments?


Starting around late April, my freight forwarder (I use them to move shipments from China to Amazon California warehouses) has huge delays; between 3-4 weeks late, delivering shipments. They blame it on Amazon delays giving the appointment for the truck to come in. Here’s the list of problematic warehouses.

SMF3/KRB7/SCK1 warehouse with High probability of rejection.
LAX9/SBD1/GYR3/GYR2/ONT8 lack of space ,
LAS1 pallet delivery , appointment need to wait about 3 weeks.
EWR4/ABE8/CLT2/SAV3/TEB6/AWD-ISDM/AFW1/QXY9 is hard to get appointment

I could get the destination warehouse to be in the Midwest area but it would cost more and takes more time to move the shipments there. I wonder if you guys have this problem and how you avoid them? Thanks.

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No. Anything we import is brought into our warehouses for inspection and storage. FBA is a small part of our overall business, so we just pick and ship those orders as needed.

Regarding appointment issues, things are much better for east coast + midwest than they used to be. ABE8 was only a week backlog for the next available appointment.


Thanks for the ABE8 tip. Yes Midwest warehouses have no delay. However it’s further from sea port which would add the transit time. Therefore ABE8 would be a better choice :slight_smile:

I can’t speak for the import side of things as I wouldn’t use Amazon for that, but some Amazon FC’s are much better than others. Anything going to Indiana is delivered and checked in rapidly. Anything going to Joliet, IL takes 10-14 days to get an appointment and another 7-10 days to get checked in. This is for LCL, not parcel shipments.

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Thank you for additional info. :+1: Yes, all shipments are either LTL, FTL, or FCL. No parcel shipments.

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