Does Amazon actually destroy inventory?

I believe inventory I requested detroyed from inventory was in fact somehow resold

I am reformulating my supplement so I requested all existing bottles of my current product be pulled from inventory and destroyed. I paid Amazon the fee to do this. However, today I see after a period of a month of no inventory on my listing inventory is available for sale from a seller based in Missouri. I go to another website and I see my product for sale from a seller based in Missouri there too. In his product listing he has a picture of my product on a pallet. I did not authorize any 3rd party sellers and my brand is in brand registry. I feel that someone in Amazon’s warehouse sold my product to him when it should have been destroyed. The other option is he is selling counterfeit product, but this would be tough to do for a nutritional supplement and he shows the same lot number as my product, i.e., it looks genuine. What recourse do I have to see proof that in fact my inventory was destroyed and how do I remove this seller from my listing?

So called destroyed merchandise frequently is sent by Amazon to a liquidator, resold, and relisted by another seller on Amazon.

While I know that it’s likely that Amazon has often “destroyed” inventory by selling it off, this one terrifies me. Suppose that a supplement seller asked their inventory to be destroyed because they had found a quality issue? Maybe even some sort of contamination (but not yet recalled by FDA)?

I know that the sellers who know what is going on would have the inventory returned to make sure it was destroyed properly, but I suspect that there are some new to the field who think that Amazon would responsibly destroy their defective ■■■■■ pills.


When a seller pays to have their inventory destroyed, they should receive documentation verifying that it was indeed destroyed.

I know Amazon sells, donates, and liquidates millions of products a year, and I’m sure even items that were supposed to be “destroyed.”
I’m surprised that there haven’t been any legal issues or news reports about harmful items that were supposed to be destroyed finding their way back onto the market. Maybe there have been, but the cases have been settled quickly and quietly. It’s really troubling when it comes to supplements or any products that are consumed.


What Amazon should do and what Amazon does often diverge.

This is not a change from well known Amazon documented behavior.

Nor are they the only offender. I have encountered government recalled product in liquidation channels.

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Sadly, Africa is a dumping ground for expired and restricted drugs and probably also many other 3rd world countries.

This is an easy one. You collect your documentation that you paid for destruction. You then forward this to that Seller’s State Attorney General’s office and attest that you have reason to believe that salvaged and/or counterfeit supplements are being distributed by this entity, putting the general public at risk.

The reason for the destruction is irrelevant. It then becomes the responsibility of the other guy to prove/document to their State that it is otherwise.