Does Walmart have a "honeymoon period" like Amazon?


I’m quite new to Amazon has a honeymoon period that they would promote a new product for about one month. I wonder does Walmart has this honeymoon period feature? If so, for how long? About one month like Amazon? Please advise. Thanks.

I believe the honeymoon is over. I believe the only way you are getting Amazon traction is paying for ads at this point. Or having a very unique product with no competition.

That being said, I am not sure if Walmart implements such a strategy.

Nope, they definitely do not…

PPC is pretty cheap on Walmart. The problem is the min budget per campaign per day of $100.

You gotta watch it closely because if you convert low, you’ll be out a bunch of cash and now Walmart is limiting how much you can spend on advertising in total based on sales.

See my thread on this issue:


Yes, this stopped us in our tracks when we onboarded a few years ago. No (soup) ads for us! $3,100 a month minimum, $37,000 a year. Err, no.

For us they had another interesting feature.

In the first month, we had an order for a product we sell on Amazon. It has over 350 ratings and is at 4.8 stars. We have thousands of seller ratings and are at 100% in the last year (actually three years or so) not bad for a little guy.

Then someone, one person. Leaves a 1 star seller rating and 1 star product rating on Walmart.

Game over. We have has a few sales, but with our stellar record, we are on a dead end road with Walmart.

To bad, our brands actually fit the demographic of the Walmart buyer quite well.

I still can’t believe Walmart does this.

It really constrains what you can do on that marketplace in terms of simultaneous campaign testing.

I’m just glad we have someone who’s familiar with Walmart’s BS in this area handling this for us.

They would probably make a lot more $ if they loosened that restriction.

It probably comes down to the antiquated systems they are using to be honest. They are lightyears behind Amazon in the advertising arena.

For the love of God - THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE A SELLER APP!!!


Or a forum! Unless you count this one!

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I probably bore most of the sellers here who aren’t on Walmart but I do like to share our wins and losses to help those out that are or are interested in moving some of their Rev away from Amazon to grow incrementally.

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Sorry to hear that. Can you start a new listing on Walmart to sell that product? If it’s a private label, I’m pretty sure you could.

I think I could guess why Walmart does that. Unlike Amazon, Walmart doesn’t try to make money from ads revenue yet. They want more sellers to sell on their platform. What’s a better way to convince sellers to stick around and list more items? Answer: allow the naive/new sellers (who don’t know anything about running ads) to make some sales. To do that, Walmart restricts the ads budget to protect the new sellers from losing all sales to experienced sellers who have their advanced ads techniques. That’s my guess :slight_smile:

Umm… is Walmart ads truly cheap? I don’t consider $3,100 a month ads budget cheap. Is it a sarcasm? What am I missing? Please advise

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You have a good heart :+1: I wish I could sell more outside of Amazon. I have product “A” selling on Walmart. It only sold 20 units in the last 6 months. That same product sold that much on Amazon in 2 days. The different is night and day :frowning: I tried to run ads on Walmart with budget $10 a day. It had worked the first few months. In the past few months, it didn’t even get an impression. Frankly I should have worked more on Walmart, but considering the huge volume difference, it makes more sense to spend time/money selling on Amazon…


To be fair they have come very far in the last 7 years. Back then it was like dealing with ancient tech.


It is one product of several thousand, we launched on Walmart. Three different brands. All items we manufacture here in the US.

The real issue is the kind person left a one star on the product and a one star on us as a seller. The seller rating shows up on all our thousands of listings. “1 star” seller.

It doesn’t really work like that. We don’t spend anywhere near that and we have 6 campaigns setup with a potential monthly spend of $18K.

It’s all about the traffic, and lack thereof on Walmart V. Amazon. If Walmart had Amazon’s traffic, we’d probably do about the same on both marketplaces which would be nice…

Less Traffic - Less Clicks - Less Spend.

You can setup lifetime campaign budgets which can actually be lower than the lowest limit Walmart allows to control this but that’s a lot of work. It’s all around silly the way they do it.


This account spend limit is only a couple weeks old to be clear.

Also to clarify - the restriction I would like to see loosened is the ability to set a daily budget BELOW $100 a day per campaign…

I like that they won’t let sellers spend more than they have, which, again, is new.

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Ah that kind of buyer. I bet she never even tried to contact you. She wasn’t happy with the product and wanted to give as many 1 star as possible without knowing the consequences to the seller. Can you contact her to explain the difference and try to smooth this out? Most people are reasonable. If I’m not happy with the product, I would never rate the seller 1 star.

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Yes, same here. It was when we started two or three years ago. It feels like someone with a similar product that saw us show up on scene and solved a competition problem.

We have had the item for sale since 1992, a half dozen returns, and a handful of complaints on at least over 50-60K lifetime orders of this one product.

No textual context to the one star, the item was delivered before the due date in sturdy packaging. And the same item we will manufacture another 300 of this week for sale next month.

We also found many of our products on Walmart, being drop shipped from Amazon by scrapers. We did not worry about those, or even contact the sellers. The quantity of items was to small. Plus they were old market items a bit long in the tooth.

Is what it is. Who knows, one day we may get a 5 star rating as a seller, then we would have a 2.5. :tada: :partying_face:

If that 1 star seller thing is actually the cause of killing your walmart sales you could always ask a couple of friends to help you out. This recommendation is against sales channel policies regarding manipulating customer reviews. It is a violation of SAS Community Expectations to recommend prohibited or unlawful behavior. --SAS staff

I bet you the 1 star feedback was by a competitor to give your new store a kick in the balls.

:+1: to the competitor feedback.

However, as the last boy scout I am sorry, I can not manipulate the system.

Spent much time in the Asian Basin and understand that culture and how it is not only acceptable, but a badge to be earned.

Not I, not ever. But very much appreciate your thoughts and help.