Don't ya hate it when customers contact the wrong seller?

I think the most common buyer contact I get is someone sending me a message complaining about something wrong with their order, but it shows no order ID which means they went to the detail page to contact the buy box seller instead of doing it through the correct page.

I used to respond to these, now I just click no response needed. I’m going to assume that I won’t be penalized for failing to respond to another seller’s problem.

I agree with what you say except for that ‘ASSume’ part.

I have a lot of ‘templates’ and would suggest developing a simple one that you can copy and paste for Amazon purposes since assuming anything there is exceedingly dangerous.

You COULD send this but I would suggest cleaning it up a bit, just because —


I had to dig through several hundred/thousand orders in search for your order and I do NOT have a record of you buying from me. I have wasted WAY too much time on this as a result of your inability to use your Amazon order history.

PLEASE go to your order history page like you SHOULD HAVE and contact the company that you actually purchased the items from.

Have a nice day.

I had a phone call from someone in Texas complaining about their order.

Eventually I figured out they had never ordered from me. Nor had I ever sold the book in question. No, he explained, he didn’t think he had ordered from us. All he had to go on was part of the shipping label with our town. He found a bookseller in that town (us) so complained to us. Course I didn’t learn that part until I had searched my database in confusion.

So he called a random B&M bookstore near the Amazon fulfillment center that he got the book from?


I don’t provide a customer service phone number on Amazon anymore. There was a long time ago where I did and it’s just not worth the hassle.

I do have a phone number on there BUT I have a very good SPAM blocker. It lets me leave a LONG message with my business names, information, and the fact that I do e commerce for any calls that are not blocked automatically.

I then go on to say ‘if you are calling about an extended warranty that my car has over 200,000 miles and I drive them until they die so please go spam someone else.’

That eliminates virtually all calls, including my wife. If I don’t answer she just hangs up and sends a text…:grin::grin::grin::grin:


Oh no – wasn’t an Amazon order. I was able to hook him up with the right person after he finally remembered part of their business name.

Another wrong store call – before covid there was a family farm in the area that gave rides in wagons with draft horses and let kids buy giant pumpkins – they mostly just opened for that part of the business in October. The family name was Books. Because we have a bookstore one caller insisted that I fill them in on all they wanted to know. And they were perfectly serious about it. I was required to know this.

That was totally inconsiderate of you. I’m sure my local small town book store would have not only known all the details but would have booked a time slot for the caller…
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We live in a small town with many farms within 45 minutes of Boston. This time of year we often see people lost or confused.

We always stop and ask them what they are looking for. Followed by a “I am going that way follow me!” Now fact is most the time we are not going that way, but we want to keep the farms in operation.

We even did a “Visit” website with all the info in it. Gadflies, you know the type, gave us such a hard time we abandoned the site.

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